Employee turns thief, steals diamonds

August 27, 2012 12:40
Employee turns thief, steals diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, agreed! But do they even resort to theft to continue the relationship? Apparently one case has showed that they do. In Jaipur one 20 year old girl had stolen diamonds worth 25 lakhs and casually walked out of the jewelry store as if nothing has happened. The staff and others around could have missed the incident after the skillful sleight of hand from the young girl but the CCTV’s barely miss a thing. The accused was spotted on the camera to be Jyoti, an employee at the store, while she snuck seven pieces of jewelry and walked away from the place.

Jyoti had been employed at JKJ Jewelers for 15 days, before she resorted to the theft. Investigations are now on based on the CCTV footages that have recorded the incident.

In the footage, Jyoti was seen sitting at the table behind the counter and no sooner did the co-worker move out from the place, than Jyoti pockets the valuables and then moves to go out for medicines.

The security guard bars her from going out asking her to take permission from the owner, but she tells him that she would return in minutes after getting medicines but is nowhere to be seen after.

The guard becomes suspicious after 10 minutes and alerted the manager. All her documents were fake except for a leaving out roll number which actually revealed her identity and members of her family were traced to Delhi.

Her stepfather knew nothing of her whereabouts and said that he had transferred money to a male, Subhash, after she asked. This raises suspicion that Jyoti has an accomplice.

(AW- Anil)

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