All About Data Theft And What's Happening In Telugu States

March 07, 2019 17:32
All About Data Theft And What's Happening In Telugu States

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The data theft issue created a huge sensation across the Telugu states. TDP, YSRCP and TRS accused each other after the news broke out. While most of them are left puzzled, we are here with the entire picture of what happened exactly:

Some of the private data analyst companies have been used to survey in AP, a data of all the voters who are supporting State Governing bodies are filtered and this list is mapped with the Electoral data. All those who are against to State Governing bodies are removed from the voters' list.

The color photo voter card remains with the government and Election Commission.

IT Grid and Blue Frog (IT companies) had color photo voter cards. Election Commission clarified that they did not share the data and AP Government too denied giving the information.

Cases have been registered against IT Grid and Blue Frog for stealing data as EC and AP Government denied giving the data.

State Governing bodies, IT Grid, Blue Frog along with Janmabhoomi committees, Anganvadi workers and Seva Mitra App are the real culprits in this crime.

State governing bodies introduced Seva Mitra app to keep a track for the feedback of the introduced development activities of the party. In one word it is the 'Data Gathering Mechanism'.

Most of the people received calls from 1100 and 1106.

Two Data Sets are collected:

Data Set 1: Information / Feedback from Seva Mitra App.

Data Set 2: Color Voter ID Cards with booth level information.

All About Data Theft And What's Happening In Telugu States:- IT Grid and Blue Frog took the data sets and used Advanced Analytical Software to find out who are in favor of State Governing bodies and who are against them.

The filtered list is given to Janmabhoomi committees and it is later sent to Anganwadi workers. The votes are removed through the data entry operators in 'E-seva' offices.

Without conducting any field work and collecting information, the names of voters are removed.

To get local contract works, Anganvadi workers did their part and got benefited.

As per the above process, the votes are removed in Andhra Pradesh. They have all the information as per the caste and regions. The votes from Reddy, Brahmin and BCs (partly) have been removed mostly.

10000 votes from each constituency have been removed which will surely benefit the leading party as most of the MLAs won with a narrow margin last time.

A man named Lokeshwar Reddy came to know about this and filed a complaint against IT Grid, Blue Frog after which this scam saw the light. Almost 200 AP cops rushed to Lokeshwar Reddy's residence to arrest him.

No opposition party can have access to the data of the voters except the ruling party and the Election Commission.

Right after the election code gets implemented, Election Commission requests the State Government for the electoral data.

Election Commission is now left in shock with the happenings.

What's Next:

IT Grid and Blue Frog should be blacklisted. All the contracts should be canceled soon. They should contribute to the investigation initiated by Telangana Police.


Every Indian has a right to vote and should utilize it. With some State Governing bodies trying to remove the votes from the list, every citizen should step forward, fight for their right and cast their vote in the upcoming polls in Andhra Pradesh.

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