Over good is injurious

August 04, 2015 16:43
Over good is injurious

Be it at our work place or any other place, we might be well appreciated for our work regularly. But remember, getting appreciations regularly, can sometimes end up, giving utmost negative results like, people being separated from you or your boss getting irritated, as he might never expect it from you, treating you as a sincere employee all these days.
The result would be more negative to you, when compared with ready made baddies in the office.

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So instead of being good always, sometimes try to expose your negative side too, so that the opinions on you, keep balancing or to say, dances between good and bad. If such opinions start dancing in that way, whatever be the situations, you will be able to tackle them.  

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Example: Your boss requested you to work on Sunday too, for some time, as he loved your work. In those situations, you work for one Sunday and keep on skipping several Sundays in between and again choose another Sunday to work. If you do in this way, then the boss would be in that dilemma, whether you are good or bad, and finally , he stops judging you one fine day.

By Phani

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