Struggle only because you love it

July 24, 2015 18:21
Struggle only because you love it

Generally, other than regular career, when a distinct career is chosen, we face a lot of criticism from the relatives or the people around us.

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In those times, many books written by great authors suggest to take those criticisms for inspiring yourself and move forward. The day you get success, they will come to you.   

But this formula might not work for all types of mentalities. There would be a few mentalities, where they take the criticisms to the heart and struggle 24/7 for the career they chosen. Even after so much struggling, they might again end up losing the battle. This would make such person feel insulted in front of those critics, and make him/her commit suicide too.

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So instead of taking the criticisms seriously, leave those aside and concentrate on your career. You believe that you are struggling for you and your people and not for someone, who insulted you. This approach makes you concentrate more on your career and might lead to success too. On the other side, if at all, though you lost the battle, it makes you think that, the dogs bark always without knowing the struggle you faced.       

By Phani

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