Sports players need consistent energy

August 05, 2013 19:38
Sports players need consistent energy

To achieve that, individuals can follow certain do and don'ts before any game. Sports players need to eat the right foods before jumping into a strenuous game, so that the energy levels are maintained on an even keel.

Do have a light meal two hours before a match. This ensures good concentration on your game. Don't have a heavy meal, as it will make you lethargic.

Do have snacks that contain complex carbohydrates to keep the blood sugar levels constant. Don't have high sugar foods. Snacks and drinks high in sugar content will only provide a temporary high and leads to listlessness later on in the game.

Do eat foods that you know your body is comfortable with. Don't try out new food items that can make you queasy and nauseous during a game.

Do include high protein foods in your diet. These build muscles and aid muscle repair after exhaustion. Don't eat too many dairy products, as they require longer periods to digest.

Foods for consistent energy include oatmeal with milk, beans, cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, eggs,  cereal bars, certain energy shakes, pasta with tomato sauce and meat with potatoes or rice.

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