Maintain a flat tummy

March 28, 2012 18:10
Maintain a flat tummy

Being fit is an all new story. But, maintaining a flat tummy is also a necessity. A flat tummy is bliss for us. Irrespective of our attire, be it Sari or Shalwar or even a Jeans, a flat tummy would enhance our beauty to the core. But, the kind of food we eat, our irregular sleep and life style all these and our body type put together would prevent us to achieve our goal…

Today, one of my friends was proudly talking about how she managed to finally achieve her long term dream of a flat tummy. After listening to the same, I thought of sharing these simple to follow tips that can make a huge difference. Here;

Brisk Walk or jog for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week to boost your metabolism in order to burn that fat.

Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Keep your dairy intake at a minimum because these products often cause bloating and gas.

Limit your sugar intake. Sugar adds empty calories and promotes weight gain. Even if you eat sweets or habituated to teas or coffee for more number of times in a day, make sure they are made with Sugar Free tablets or powder.

Water and more water, this should be a part of your routine. Drink plenty of water. You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses per day. Not only will it help fill you up so you eat less, but it aids in digestion.

Early dinner is a best choice, for simple reason being after dinner we would generally have no physical exercise to do? So, stop eating within 3 hours of bedtime. If you have to munch on something, eat a small portion of vegetables or fruit. This tip can definitely work wonders for you.

It is not about following all these rules day in and day out. You take a break from work and daily routine on regular work, so take a break from this entire diet plan once in a while and enjoy your favorite food, dessert and ice cream. But remember, these breaks should not be regular. The diet you follow after taking a break would be more fetching for you.

Doing breathing exercises and ‘abs’ on a regular basis, would keep your tummy fit, cutting down all that flab and doing this on regular basis would help you maintain the lost weight as well. At times, even if you eat more, that would not have a much negative affect.

So, start working!

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