Simple tips for natural sleep

June 10, 2015 14:50
Simple tips for natural sleep

According to a survey by Crampex tablex makers, it was proved that 86 percent of the population suffers from sleep disturbance. There could be many reasons for sleeplessness, here are some simple natural tips to have proper sleep.

Yoga trick: "Lie on your left side, resting a finger on your right nostril to close it. Start slow, deep breathing in the left nostril." This simple yoga method helps to reduce blood pressure and calm you. The expert says this technique is particularly good when overheating or menopausal hot flushes are preventing sleep.

Muscle relaxing technique: Lie on your back, take a deep, slow breath in through your nose and, at the same time, squeeze your toes tightly as if you are trying to curl them under your foot, then release the squeeze. Relaxing all your muscles can prepare your body for sleep.

Rewind your day: Remembering the everyday details in reverse order clears your mind of worries. Experts suggest recalling conversations, sights and sounds as you go. It helps you to reach a mental state that's ready for sleep.

Eyes rolling technique: Close your eyes and roll the balls up three times. This technique can stimulate natural sleep by triggering the release of sleep hormone, melatonin.

Make a worry list: Going over a to-do list in bed is a major cause of insomnia. Experts said "Often it's because you're frightened of forgetting what needs doing. So before bed, write your list on paper so you can forget it until next day. You could also imagine filing your thoughts in a cabinet. You'll be calmer and more likely to sleep."

Follow these simple five sleeping techniques to have a good sleep.

By Lizitha

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