‘Festive’, a mess?

October 27, 2011 09:56
‘Festive’, a mess?

GrilsShoppingBut why? Almost each day, in one situation or the other we all talk and think about how to divide and spend our earnings, how much to allocate for what, how to run our home within the fixed budget, an within this how to wind up with our shopping, particularly when it is at the time of festival…

‘Dussera’ is in… if you’re planning for a last moment shopping; here are some factors that would help your shopping and certain last moment tips to be followed for this festival to be bliss, and not any other usual mess;

Do not even think of exceeding the break mark that you have kept on your budget. It is understood that all those clothes and jwellery are tempting to buy, but keep a check on your available budget as well. This is a measure to be taken so that you would not repent later.

Just make a list of what you want to buy. Right from the household items to your’s. This way it saves time and helps for a proper execution of a proper planning.

Too much of planning might also lead to nothing at times. So as soon as you plan, make sure you would execute the same.

A clean house definitely transforms our mood, so do not forget to clean your house every inch. You need not do everything by yourself; do take the help of your maid. This way, your house will also be clean and you would not get tired.

Right from what to cook to how much to cook, plan everything thing. There is no harm in cutting the required vegetables a day prior and storing them. This way, your cooking time lessens down and you can invest the same time in spending with your family.

If kids at home, then you need to be more careful and plan your things accordingly as it requires spending time for them, festival being no exception for this. All those decorative items and costly articles, keep them out of the reach of your children, otherwise you would be busy in your work and they, experimenting with every possible thing that they get in their hands.

If you have planned to a get together, on this festival, at your home, then make sure you would complete all the home cleaning and cooking sections before the arrival of the guests. After all, it is your right to enjoy the festival as well, not just sticking on to kitchen. 

Do not over load yourself. Even though it is required for you to show some variation in the cooked dishes to home makeover, during your festival, don’t forget that you are not a duper woman, but a human being. So, just do what all you can?

Try following this last moment tips to make your ‘Dussera’ bliss!


SunayanaVinay Kumar

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