Don't let bad weather spoil your hairstyle

October 09, 2012 10:04
Don't let bad weather spoil your hairstyle

Having a bad hair day? You are not alone-the changing season and the excess moisture in the air leave our hair heavy and limp.

Since there's not much you can do about it, why not make the most of the mess, and turn it around to your advantage?

Experts advise step cut, reverse blunt cut and short hair for this season. But if you do not want to chop off your tresses, you can try some suitable hair styles. Akshata Honawar, hairstylist and creative director of a salon, suggests the side plait and the messy dry waves look. These, she says, are styles that are simple and easy to maintain.

Ritu Tanwar, an aesthetician, says, "During this season, ironing your hair is not a good idea. The curls will return soon and leave your hair looking unkempt. It is wise to go for a wet look that cannot be spoiled by the humidity." She has a quick fix idea-take a lump of gel in your hands, apply it on the lengths and then scrunch-dry. "This not only lends volume to your hair, but also gives you a younger hip look," Ritu says.

Hairstylist Tanya Seth suggests another simple look, "For a messy, wet hair look, towel-dry your hair and use a spray evenly on it. That will help to hold it well. Then scrunch your hair with your hands and tie it in a messy bun. Release your hair after 15 minutes for that perfect wet messy hairdo." Messy, wet buns or plaits can also be made similarly, she adds. All you have to do is make a loose plait or a messy bun after releasing your hair.

Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri, who is blessed with lustrous mane, believes that tying it very tight will leave the strands broken and damaged.

She says, "It's best to keep your hairstyle as simple as possible. For example, a sleek ponytail or a bun. They are the easiest to maintain in this humid weather."

Those who frequently use a lot of hairstyling products usually suffer from dehydrated hair. Says Nargis, "I get a quick 20-minute deep-conditioning massage with hot coconut-based hair oil. This nourishes my hair from within and brings back the volume and bounce."

The side plait
- Take a side parting and start braiding your hair from the smaller section moving backwards
- Add the rest of the hair to the section and continue to make a thicker braid coming down from over the shoulder
- Use a serum to add shine to the hair
- A fringe works well with this style

The messy dry waves
- Twist small sections of hair with serum or cream for a curly look
- Use a spray for heat protection
- Diffuse dry the hair on low blast
- Scrunch the hair after it is dry
- You can also run tongs through a few sections to add more shine

The messy wet bun
- Towel dry your hair after shampooing
- Use spray evenly on the wet hair
- Scrunch it with your hands
- Tie it up and leave for about 15 minutes and then release
- Now tie this basic wet messy hair into a high bun

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