Tips to have healthy and long hair

May 02, 2015 20:38
Tips to have healthy and long hair

Long and super shiny hair is one of the most admired thing to all girls. But having a healthy long hair is not that much easy. One must have lot of dedication and patience to achieve it as it is a slow process. Apart from eating healthy food, one must follow certain tips and tricks to grow your hair:

Avoid hot tools:
Try to avoid heat as much as possible. There is nothing worse for your hair than heat. Let your hair dry naturally after washing and limit the use of hot tools. Remember, the more you apply heat on your hair the more you invite your hair splits.

Regular trimming helps your hair grow fast. So, don’t worry that it will get short and not grow. As
your hair gets longer, it’s getting less healthier. Trimming just half an inch every month will reduce
chances of split ends. Especially, if your hair is colored, the end are dry and prone to split ends. To get healthy long hair, first you must remove all unhealthy bits

Regular trimming helps to remove split ends but using a right conditioner for your hair helps to
prevent splits in future. Use a deep conditioner once every week. Oils are also good for your scalp and hair. Use any oil treatment to provide your hair with the nourishment it requires.

Eat right:
Unhealthy, weak and limp hair is a sign of poor diet. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, it
affects your hair. Remember to include fresh fruits, vegetables and protein in your diet. Drink loads of water. If there is a need, multivitamins are also a great way to get all the necessary vitamins that your body need.

Hair safe styles and accessories:
Don’t put your hair in styles that can break your hair. Back combing, tight ponytails and tiny braids
pull your hair from the roots and make them weak. Remember that styles that pull all your hair and stress the roots are not easy to remove therefore they damage your hair.

By Lizitha

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