Rapunzel's tresses made easier

July 08, 2013 18:51
Rapunzel's tresses made easier

Long luscious locks are a luxury many envy. To gain thicker and longer hair, men and women go to many lengths. A lot of hard works is put into oiling hair on a regular basis, but the scalp is still exposed many pollutants. However, there are a few natural remedies that can stimulate hair growth for a healthy looking head. These are in addition to eating vitamin and mineral rich food, besides washing.

Combing hair several times a day stimulates hair follicles. Blood circulation is improved when pressure is applied on the scalp while brushing it. More blood to the scalp equates to more growth.

Oiling hair once a week is helpful to condition it. Though hair oil does not contain any nutritious qualities, massaging it into the scalp inevitably improves blood flow. On the other hand, oil fortified with natural ingredients is healthy for the hair. When hibiscus flowers are soaked with the oil overnight, the resultant concoction helps to grow thick hair faster.

To avoid friction between hair and pillow, braid your hair before sleeping. Eating Vitamin E containing foods aids in hair nutrition, hence taking nuts like almonds promotes growth. Almond oil is also known to help hair growth.

Using hot water is detrimental to the hair as it open up the pores, resulting in hair fall. Keeping hair clean, meanwhile, is helpful for growing long thick hair. Washing hair at least 3 times a week is recommended.

Cover your hair with a scarf or bandanna when out under the sun. The sun's UV are highly damaging to the hair.


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