Benefits Of Being A Veggie!

October 02, 2012 11:00
Benefits Of Being A Veggie!

You must have heard that many people prefer to become a vegetarian from a hard core non-veggie. Sometimes it is for religion and sometimes for health. There are many health benefits of being a vegetarian. So, before you become a veggie, know the benefits of its diet.

Healthy Stomach- If you are a complete vegetarian then you have lots of vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are rich in fibre that is very necessary to keep the bowel movement clean. This fibre you can barely find in any non-vegetarian diet. Reap the benefits of a vegetarian diet by inincluding lots of fresh veggies in your meal. Vegetarian nutrition is also very good because it is an ample source of amino acids that is necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Fats- A veggie diet is low in fats and sodium. Thus it helps in keeping the blood pressure level to a minimum. And the fats that vegetables have are not at all harmful. On the contrary they are very essential for the human body. This also keeps the heart in good health. Whereas on the other hand animal fats are very harmul and also the carrier of many germs and diseases.

No Toxins- The many health benefits of being a vegetarian comes from the fact that it is free of any kind of toxins. As animals are like any other human beings, sometimes they undergo an adrenaline rush that produces steroids and other stress hormones. This gets released into the bloodstream. Whenconsumed by human beings it forms harmful toxins that might harm the human body. Also sometimes these animals are injected with growth hormones. These too lead to the formation of many diseases upon human consumption. Hence is it not better to keep to a vegetarian diet for its benefits?

Lower Cancer Risks- A veggie diet is rich in antioxidants, minerals, phytochemical, vitamins and many other nutrients. There can absolutely be no comparison of the nutrition that a vegetarian diet provides you. The several nutrients found in a veggie diet strengthens the immune system against most kinds of cancer

Low Weight- Among the many benefits of a vegetarian diet one is that it helps you maintain your weight. If you ditch a non-vegetarian diet and switch to a complete fat free veggie diet then that will help you lose weight considerably. Vegetarian meals are filling and hence you fell less hungry and end up eating less.

These are all the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Be a veggie and live a healthier and longer life.

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