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  • Superstar, Mega Star, charan s best friend wants yevadu postponed, Yevadu release

    Charan's best friend wants Yevadu postponed 05 August 2013

    On the occasion of Friendship day, it was revealed that Charan considers his Mega star dad as his best friend. Though Rana and Charan are childhood buddies who meet up over interesting conversations, dad Chiranjeevi is clearly Charan's first go-to...

    Keywords: Rana, Yevadu postponed, Yevadu postponed again, Zanjeer release

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    Entertainment News, Yevadu, yevadu freedom song trailer talk, Yevadu release

    Yevadu Freedom song trailer talk 10 January 2014

    The latest song trailer of Ram Charan's Yevadu which was released yesterday is going gaga all over and the reason for this is, dance moves of Charan in this trailer. Freedom song which is touted to be hero's introduction song...

    Keywords: Yevadu Freedom song trailer talk, Yevadu Freedom song trailer, tollywood news, Yevadu Freedom song trailer talk

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    Charan's Magadheera, Charan dialogues, charan meant it it s a challenge, Yevadu release

    Charan meant it, "It's a challenge!" 01 October 2013

    Ram Charan, in his last release, walks into the journalist's office and defends his position saying "I will rewrite your words, it's a challenge." Looking by how his Yevadu is waiting in the wings, remembering the dialogue gives a déjà...

    Keywords: Charan Yevadu, Charan next movie, Attarintiki Daredi, Chiranjeevi

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    Yevadu release, Yevadu release, charan hospitalized worries about yevadu, Yevadu release

    Charan hospitalized, worries about Yevadu 16 September 2013

    Charan is at a Mumbai hospital, recovering from an operation to solve his chronic sinus problem. While he recuperates at the hospital under the scrutiny of top doctors, worries about his next release Yevadu plague him. Yevadu is produced by...

    Keywords: Charan hopes on Yevadu, Dil Raju, Toofan, Jr NTR

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    Charan, Yevadu in October, pawan kalyan charan not fighting afterall, Yevadu release

    Pawan Kalyan, Charan not fighting afterall 13 August 2013

    The fog has lifted on the possible dates for the release of the most awaited films this year. Attarintiki Daredi might release on the 21st of this month if agitations calm down by then. Also, the makers of Yevadu have...

    Keywords: Yevadu, Yevadu postponed, Yevadu, Powerstar

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    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, Nagarjuna, bhai yevadu masala ekkada, Yevadu release

    Bhai, Yevadu masala ekkada? 25 September 2013

    Yevadu's power and Bhai bullets are no where to be found lately. They made a mark soon after a few teaser releases, but there is sudden silence on that front. Nagarjuna's punches have taken a break along with updates from...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan's Attarintki Daredi, Actor Ram, Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, Yevadu release

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    Attarintiki Daredi postponed, Attarintiki Daredi, situation reversal ad too close to yevadu, Yevadu release

    Situation reversal, AD too close to Yevadu 03 August 2013

    In a reversal of the situation that cine enthusiasts encountered until last week, it is now Attarintiki Daredi that has less than 2 weeks before Yevadu releases. The clash of the titans is still on! This has turned out into...

    Keywords: Zanjeer release, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan

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    Jr NTR, Charan blamed, yevadu to salvage charan s reputation or not, Yevadu release

    Yevadu to salvage Charan's reputation, or not 11 September 2013

    While most critics are taking a directly pointed dig on Charan for the poor collections of Toofan, the actor's next release is expected to salvage some of the lost face. Most viewers are angry for throwing a dubbing type of...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi, Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna, Pawan Kalyan

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    Attarintiki Daredi., Attarintiki Daredi., why this kolavari yevadu ad pushed too far, Yevadu release

    Why this Kolavari? Yevadu, AD pushed too far 06 August 2013

    Yevadu may be released a long time after 21st August. But, no one knows when Attarintiki Daredi will release. That effectively brings the situation back to square one. Dil Raju has a lot of rearranging to do as his other...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi., Yevadu release preponed, Dil Raju, Ram Charan

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    Shruti Hassan, Charan, jr ntr s rv takes charan s yevadu position, Yevadu release

    Jr NTR's RV takes Charan's Yevadu position 17 September 2013

    Good news for Jr NTR fans, Ramayya Vasthavayya will likely release on 10th October without trouble. Bad news for Charan fans, Yevadu has been postponed again. It was scheduled to release on 10th October, but Jr NTR's RV arrival has...

    Keywords: Shruti Hassan, Ramayya Vasthavayya, Jr NTR, Yevadu postponed. Samantha

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    Cherry, Shruti Hassan stills in Yevadu, yevadu has too much violence censor board, Yevadu release

    Yevadu has too much violence: Censor board 27 July 2013

    Ram Charan starrer Yevadu has received the censor board's verdict before the audience can say anything. It is not unusual for a film with a big budget and a well known action hero to get a U/A certificate. Getting that...

    Keywords: Yevadu, Ram Charan, Charan wife, Amy Jackson stills in Yevadu

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    Andhra clashes, Nenokkadine, prince mahesh will miss the releases hungama, Yevadu release

    Prince Mahesh will miss the releases hungama 29 July 2013

    While Telugu movie lovers are shaking with excitement over the release of two interesting movies in the next few weeks, Prince Mahesh will be out of the chaos. He will also not be here when the fate of Telangana is...

    Keywords: One shooting, Yevadu release postponed, Jr NTR., movie releases

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    Charan Chiru remixes, Charan, charan s logic around chiru s magic, Yevadu release

    Charan's logic around Chiru's magic 19 October 2013

    Charan is truly bringing his dad Chiru alive in films, going by his choice in scripts. The empty space left by Chiranjeevi when he declined from new films is being filled by his son in more ways than one. Until...

    Keywords: Charan, Charan Yevadu release, Charan, Mutha Mestri

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya, Yevadu release confirmed, charan s yevadu wakes up release confirmed, Yevadu release

    Charan's Yevadu wakes up, release confirmed 16 October 2013

    The much awaited release date of Charan's Yevadu is finally out. On 19th December, the film will hit the screens all over with a bang. This must be a big relief to Charan fans, who were wondering when their favourite...

    Keywords: Powerstar, Yevadu release, Charan, Ramayya Vasthavayya

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    Shruti Hassan, Charan Yevadu, secret behind ram charan s energy is australian, Yevadu release

    Secret behind Ram Charan's energy is Australian 31 July 2013

    Ram Charan has preferred an Australian to boost his muscles and energy. The secret behind his fit and ferocious look in Zanjeer is an Australian trainer, which Charan hired specially. The actor roped in a top-class fitness trainer to prepare...

    Keywords: Shruti Hassan, Charan look Zanjeer, Ram charan Zanjeer, Charan fitness trainer

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    Mega releases, Charan Venkatesh Krisha multi starrer, dussehra war between pawan charan fans, Yevadu release

    Dussehra war between Pawan, Charan fans 11 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is getting busier with new projects and businesses. So is Charan, who has another big release coming up before Dussehra this year. The Pawan Kalyan - Charan clash of August is once again back in the limelight. Fans...

    Keywords: Charan Venkatesh Krisha multi starrer, Charan, Charan, Charan Venkatesh Krisha multi starrer

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    Yevadu release date, Attarintiki Daredi, charan could strike sooner than expected, Yevadu release

    Charan could strike sooner than expected 03 October 2013

    After all that has been said and done, the makers of Yevadu are contemplating a 31st October release. There was buzz that Dil Raju might unwrap the movie and present it to viewers and fans alike for Diwali or Christmas....

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi, Ram Charan, Yevadu releasing in October, Yevadu releasing in October

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya, Jr NTR, dil raju s reel reasons for ignoring yevadu, Yevadu release

    Dil Raju's reel reasons for ignoring Yevadu 02 October 2013

    Producer Dil Raju has two apples in his hand. One is Ramayya Vasthavayya ready for release and the other is Yevadu not releasing. It is a tale of two brothers who are both important but where one gets more attention...

    Keywords: Charan Yevadu, Charan comments on Toofan, Charan Yevadu, Pawan Kalyan

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    Ram Charan, Ramayya Vasthavayya release date, ntr s jhalak after yevadu release, Yevadu release

    NTR's jhalak after Yevadu release 03 August 2013

    Ramayya Vasthavayya makers are planning on giving a jhalak right after Ram Charan's Yevadu releases. The audio release function of Jr NTR's latest film is scheduled to be held on 23rd August. NTR is working at a brisk pace to...

    Keywords: Ram Charan, Ramayya Vasthavayya release date, Ramayya Vasthavayya audio release, Baadshah.

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    Charan Yevadu, Yevadu release, cherry makes merry while they worry, Yevadu release

    Cherry makes merry while they worry 05 October 2013

    Charan is a tough nut to crack. He is on a long holiday without really intending to, owing to his indecision about signing the next movie. While a couple of directors are keen to sign him on and set the...

    Keywords: Puri Jagannath comments on Chirutha, Charan Chirutha, Charan Chirutha, Cherry

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