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    Vodafone, Vodafone, telecom operators hike mobile internet rates, Vodafone

    Telecom operators hike mobile internet rates 06 October 2014

    Telecom operators, AirTel, Vodafone and Idea which jointly constitute around 57 per cent mobile services market share have hiked the mobile internet tariffs up to 100 per cent in June-September across country. Telecom operators generally don't publicly announce about increase...

    Keywords: Idea cellular, Mobile Internet, TRAI, Idea cellular

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    , , vodafone oka laila kosam meet and greet event, Vodafone

    Vodafone Oka Laila Kosam Meet and Greet Event 21 November 2014

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    Analjit Singh, IT services, anjalit singh unsung heroic son of mother india max tax payer, Vodafone

    Anjalit Singh, unsung heroic son of Mother India, max tax payer 28 October 2011

    Encounter with the unsung heroic son of the Mother India is worth the minutes of wait for his audience. He is not listed in the riches list of the country but has made the sales that have made them pay...

    Keywords: healthcare, Max It payer., healthcare, Vodafone Essar

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    Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular, mnp shocks reliance communications, Vodafone

    MNP shocks Reliance Communications 13 August 2014

    Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications is the biggest loser in the Mobile Number Portability [MNP] that was introduced in the country couple of years back. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Parliament that over 10 crores people out of the...

    Keywords: Reliance Communications, Mobile Number Portability, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad., Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

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    Telefonica, Google, internet connectivity through project loon of google, Vodafone

    Internet connectivity through Project Loon of Google 21 April 2015

    Google is planning to send helium balloons around the world and deliver Internet to users in remote areas. The project is named ‘Project Loon’ and was started in June 2013 by the top secret Google Division X and now is...

    Keywords: Google, Project Loon, Internet, Vodafone

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    roaming charges, roaming charges, adieu roaming charges, Vodafone

    Adieu roaming charges 05 December 2012

    By the time March arrives, no mobile phone user will be tormented by the extra service charges he would have to shell from his mobile phone balance for the roaming services, that significantly add up to the price of the...

    Keywords: roaming, key initiatives, key initiatives, Bharti Airtel

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    India's GSM operators, Airtel, 8 44 million new mobile users in february, Vodafone

    8.44 million new mobile users in February 26 March 2012

    The country has added an average of 7 million new users in during the previous months, taking the total number of GSM users in the country to 656.86 million. India's GSM operators added 8.44 million subscribers in February, the highest...

    Keywords: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Idea Cellular, Supreme Court, subscribers

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    Airtel, Airtel, govt asks airtel vodafone and idea to stop 3g roaming agreements, Vodafone

    Govt asks Airtel, Vodafone and Idea to stop 3G roaming agreements 23 December 2011

    On December 22 Telecom Ministry has asked top telecom operators like Bharti, Vodafone, Idea service providers to abondon their 3G roaming agreements and is also planning to set penalty on them.Its all because of operators for disobeying licence norms.As this decision...

    Keywords: Idea, Department of Telecom, Vodafone, Idea

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    Marten Pieters, Vodafone India, difficult to do business in india, Vodafone

    Difficult to do business in India 12 September 2014

    Vodafone India Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Marten Pieters opined that it is extremely difficult to do business in India due to delay in government clearances.  Pieters at the Economist India Summit in New Delhi had his words to...

    Keywords: Economist India Summit, Indian government, Economist India Summit 2014, Economist India Summit

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    Max India Group, Tycoon, anjalit singh unsung heroic son of mother india huge tax payer, Vodafone

    Anjalit Singh, unsung heroic son of Mother India, huge tax payer 28 October 2011

    Encounter with the unsung heroic son of the Mother India is worth the minutes of wait for his audience. He is not listed in the riches list of the country but has made the sales that have made them pay...

    Keywords: Vodafone Essar, healthcare, Max It payer., Vodafone Essar

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    Vodafone, 11 October, mobile growth on decade s deadliest decline, Vodafone

    Mobile growth on decade's deadliest decline 11 October 2012

    Mobile operator's deadliest decline seems to have been registered last quarter by the top three telecom majors Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular. From a luxury,  mobile phones have stormed into our lives and become essentials. No wonder  a report...

    Keywords: Bharti Airtel, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone

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    Vodafone., Uttar Pradesh, vodafone becareful of missed calls from international numbers, Vodafone

    Vodafone: Becareful Of Missed Calls From International Numbers 05 January 2012

    On January 4 Vodafone telecom operator says that If any Vodafone subscribers have been getting missed calls from international numbers,You have to think twice before calling back. Well as there are some cases which has been noticed by the operator when...

    Keywords: Vodafone telecom operator, Vodafone telecom operator, Becareful Missed Calls, Vodafone.

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    Airtel, CBI raids on Vodafone, cbi raids vodafone airtel in 2g spectrum, Vodafone

    CBI raids Vodafone, Airtel in 2G Spectrum 19 November 2011

    The CBI today raided the corporate head offices of Vodafone in Mumbai and Airtel in Gurgaon in connection with 2G spectrum allocations after registering a fresh case about the discrepancies that took place during the regimes of Promod Mahajan, Arun...

    Keywords: 2G spectrum scam, second FIR in 2G spectrum case, 2G spectrum scam, 2G spectrum scam

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    Vodafone CBI spectrum, Vodafone CBI spectrum, have broken no laws say airtel vodafone, Vodafone

    Have broken no laws, say Airtel, Vodafone 19 November 2011

    Central Bureau of Investigation officials checked the Airtel office in Gurgaon and Vodafone office in Mumbai and Delhi, and the residences of former telecom secretary Shyamal Ghosh and former deputy director general in the telecom ministry J.R. Gupta Saturday morning....

    Keywords: Deputy director JR gupta, Airtel CBI spectrum, Bharati Airtel Spectrum, Airtel CBI spectrum

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    Idea Vodafone merge, technology, idea vodafone to merge kumar mangalam birla to be chairman, Vodafone

    Idea & Vodafone to Merge, Kumar Mangalam Birla to be Chairman 20 March 2017

    "British mobile phone giant Vodafone will merge its Indian unit with Idea Cellular to create the country's largest telecoms operator", the firms said on Monday. Aditya Birla Group chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla will now become the chairman of the new...

    Keywords: technology, Idea Vodafone merge, new telecoms operator, new telecoms operator

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    New Data Scheme, Delhi-NCR, vodafone targets students with a new scheme, Vodafone

    Vodafone Targets Students With A New Scheme 01 August 2017

    Vodafone Targets Students With A New Scheme:- According to a company official, Vodafone is targeting students with a new scheme to counter Reliance Jio. The new scheme will provide unlimited calls with 1 GB of 4G/3G data everyday, for 84...

    Keywords: Reliance Jio, New Data Scheme, New Data Scheme, Vodafone

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    Vodafone customers, Vodafone customers, vodafone revenue jump by 15 pc, Vodafone

    Vodafone revenue jump by 15 pc 05 February 2015

    Telecom operator, Vodafone India posted a 15 per cent rise in revenues for the third quarter of 2014. The revenues for the last quarter stood at 1.1 billion pound and the maximum revenue generated from its mobile data usage. From...

    Keywords: Vodafone mobile data usage, Vodafone, Vodafone, Vodafone revenues

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    Billions profit to Vodafone, Corporate world welcomes, sc quashes the tax demand on vodafone setting precedent, Vodafone

    SC quashes the tax demand on Vodafone, setting precedent 21 January 2012

    The phenomenal verdict by the apex court is definitely going to do great maneuver to the country’s image and of course the Vodafone in particular shall benefit largely. The Supreme Court on Friday decided one of the biggest tax dispute...

    Keywords: Corporate world welcomes, Vodafone verdict, Remarkable judgement, Vodafone verdict

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    Vodafone tax dispute, Direct Tax Code, direct tax code set for 2013, Vodafone

    Direct Tax Code set for 2013 30 January 2012

    The DTC Bill proposes to tax yearly incomes over Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh at the rate of 10 per cent, from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh at 20 per cent and beyond Rs 10 lakh...

    Keywords: expanding the tax base, Direct Tax Code, cross border transactions, cross border transactions

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