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  • good looking eyes, Beauty Tips for Face, for a clear natural vision, Tips for eyes

    For a Clear – Natural Vision! 19 April 2012

    Even though specs are a part of fashion industry, not every time to every occasion these are suitable for us to wear. Apart from putting on lens and even going for a lesic surgery, here are some more tips on...

    Keywords: Specs selection, good looking eyes, Tips for eyes, good looking eyes

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    Good looking Eyes, Good looking Eyes, care the most cared, Tips for eyes

    Care the most cared! 09 April 2012

    'sarvendriyaanaam Nayanam Pradhaanam' it means, of all senses Eyes are the most precious. But, not many of us would take care of our eyes that are most attractive in our face. They speak a lot unheard emotions and feelings, they...

    Keywords: Eye Bank Association of INdia, Good looking Eyes, Good looking Eyes, Tips for eyes

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    Stress releafe for eyes, Good looking eyes, give your eyes a day off, Tips for eyes

    Give your eyes, a Day off! 10 March 2012

    This is actually an essential exercise... not only for our eyes to look best and express more, but for them to get rid of all that week long stress we have been given. And no, 6 to 8 hours of...

    Keywords: tips for Eyes, Good looking eyes, Eye mackup., tips for Eyes

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    Telugu news papers, Andhra, unseeing the seen, Tips for eyes

    Unseeing the seen? 30 September 2011

    They are the ones that make you see the World. Sometimes the beauty and sometimes the bitter. But, you can’t even imagine your life without them. You are able to make your career, by studying and learning things and all...

    Keywords: Telugu news papers, Hot topics store, Tips for eyes, Metro wishesh

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    dark cirlces under eye, good looking eyes, get rid of dark circles, Tips for eyes

    Get rid of dark circles! 07 January 2012

    Dark circles under your eye on your beautiful face is like a beauty with a beast… you might have worried more about this dark sircles and have been clue less of how to get rid of the same… for a...

    Keywords: dark cirlces under eye, good looking eyes, Vitamin K, dark cirlces under eye

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    nail polish, tips for women, look your best this dussera, Tips for eyes

    Look your best this Dussera... 23 October 2012

    Its all about looking your best especially this Dussera, in order to re create the magic on your loved ones with your looks and to build up your happiness as such; Just remember that multi-purpose products are your essentials.  Hair...

    Keywords: tips for hair, tips for women, tips for Eyes, good looking lips

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    coloured mascaras according to skin tone, how to apply coloured mascara, tips to choose coloured mascaras, Tips for eyes

    Tips to choose coloured mascaras 25 August 2015

    Coloured mascara is a new trend in this season. With many brands available in the market choose the best brand and colour that suits your skin tone and look elegant with attractive eyes. If you are confused to choose the...

    Keywords: beauty tips for eyes, beauty tips for eyes, coloured mascaras according to skin tone, beauty tips for eyes

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    fashion tips, mackup tips, make your eyes speak, Tips for eyes

    Make your eyes speak! 14 January 2012

    They do… they laugh, cry, shower love or hatred, emotion and let out what the true feel in your heart (in most of the cases)… you cannot hear but see them talking, saving n number of emotions in them… don’t...

    Keywords: fashion tips, tips for eyes, beauty tips, beauty tips

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    Puffiness around eyes, women good eyes., puffy eyes bothering you, Tips for eyes

    Puffy Eyes bothering you? 06 December 2011

    I was just speaking about this with one of my friends. She was telling me lack of sleep, stress, frustration with life, put together would lead to puffiness around eyes. So, we need to concentrate first on leading a happy...

    Keywords: Puff eyes, tips Puffy Eyes, Good looking eyes, Dark eyes women

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    beauty tips, cucumber juice eyes, boundary less expression, Tips for eyes

    Boundary less expression... 27 November 2012

    Dark circles are a bothersome condition to most people because they spoil the beauty of your face. They are caused by many reasons such as allergies, heredity and several other factors. Whatever may be the cause, dark circles do not...

    Keywords: dark circles eyes, dark circles eyes, pineapple juice, sunglasses

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    favorite show, Relationships, all we need is a spark, Tips for eyes

    All we need is a 'Spark'... 24 May 2012

    We watch our favorite show even after years of it started being aired in the Television… if you question yourself for reason behind this… could be the ‘spark’ in the show, that is alive even after these many years. The...

    Keywords: favorite show, spark, Marriage relationship, spark

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    AP headlines, Andhra, care the most cared, Tips for eyes

    Care the most cared! 08 October 2011

    ‘sarvendriyaanaamNayanamPradhaanam’… it means, of all senses Eyes are the most precious. But, not many of us would take care of our eyes that are most attractive in our face. They speak a lot unheard emotions and feelings, they speak our...

    Keywords: Telugu headlines, Sakshi news paper online, Saksi News Headlines, Daily news in telugu

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    Body care, lightly massage, pamper your beauty this week end, Tips for eyes

    Pamper your ‘Beauty’ this Week end! 21 January 2012

    Looks like the theme of all Woman related articles is ‘Week End’… well, what more could we expect for rather than two entire days for taking care of our Body, Mind and Soul? In ‘Beauty’ today, let us talk about...

    Keywords: lightly massage, lightly massage, Beauty care solution, Beauty care solution

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    Beautify your eyes, Eyes Caring, eyes enthrall and precious keep them fit, Tips for eyes

    Eyes Enthrall and Precious- Keep Them Fit 29 June 2013

    When you talk to someone you look into the eyes of that person.  If the eyes of the other person are beautiful and expressive you can't take off your eyes.  An Expression is complete when eyes are also used as...

    Keywords: Sarvanganam nayanam pradhanam, Relax the Eyes, Sarvanganam nayanam pradhanam, Eyes Caring

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