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    50 Coronavirus Cases In Telangana Police Department 02 June 2020

    50 Coronavirus Cases In Telangana Police Department:- The number of coronavirus cases in India are increasing at a rapid speed. The total number of cases is inching towards 2 lakh mark. The Telangana cops have been working without breaks during...

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    Telangana government, Telangana police, errabelli returns gunmen, Telangana police

    Errabelli returns Gunmen 12 August 2014

    Telangana Telugu Desam Party floor leader Errabelli Dayakar Rao has returned his gunmen to the government in protest against the decision of denying him escort.  The Telangana government has removed escort to Errabelli on Monday and issued to notice to...

    Keywords: Telangana TDP, Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Telangana TDP, Telangana government

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    Telangana police, ramya grandfather news, tragedy continues in ramya s family, Telangana police

    Tragedy Continues in Ramya’s Family 18 July 2016

    Panjagutta road accident created a huge sensation and left three families in tragedy. The incident took place on July 1st after a batch of drunk youth hit a car which left to the demise of Ramesh on spot. 6 years...

    Keywords: Telangana updates, drink and drive news, ramya dead, Ramya accident

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    Priyanka Reddy murder, Priyanka Reddy murder, telangana cops urge women girls to be extra cautious, Telangana police

    Telangana Cops Urge Women, Girls To Be Extra Cautious 30 November 2019

    Telangana Cops Urge Women, Girls to Be Extra Cautious:- The brutal murder of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy left everyone in shock and the whole country mourned the sudden demise of Priyanka Reddy. Several celebrities condemned the attack demanding some stringent...

    Keywords: Telangana cops, Telangana cops news, Telangana cops updates, Telangana cops next

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    Telangana Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy, Governor Narasimhan, no special powers to governor, Telangana police

    No 'Special Powers' to Governor 06 August 2014

    Telangana Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy has said that the Union government has taken back of granting special powers to joint Governor of AP and T states. Home Minister has met Telangana Police Association members yesterday and has reportedly said...

    Keywords: ESL Narasimhan, Governor Narasimhan, Telangana Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy, Governor Narasimhan

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    Hyderabad, Octopus Training Command Centre, telangana police plant saplings, Telangana police

    Telangana Police Plant Saplings 15 July 2016

    To mark the Haritha Haram Programme, Telangana Director General of Police Anurag Sharma planted mango saplings at the Octopus Training Command Centre in Hyderabad on Thursday along with other senior police officials.  Talking on this occasion DGP said “ the...

    Keywords: Haritha Haram Program, Police officials, plant saplings, plant saplings

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    Police, KCR, royal enfield bullets for hyderabad police, Telangana police

    Royal Enfield Bullets For Hyderabad Police 11 June 2015

    The Telangana government presented the state police with brand new Royal Enfield Bullets to improve the standards and also the public safety.Inspired from Gujarat Police!The Gujarat Police were gifted the high end Harley Davidson bikes, which actually changed the look...

    Keywords: Police, Telangana police, KCR, Telangana police

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    CPI Maoist Usoor, Telangana Police, cpi maoist commander surrenders to telangana police, Telangana police

    CPI Maoist Commander Surrenders To Telangana Police 29 August 2017

    CPI Maoist Commander Surrenders To Telangana Police:- CPI Maoist Usoor Militia Platoon section Commander Podiyam Lakku (20), and militia member Sodi Laxmi (18) surrendered before Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Eturnagaram, Rahul Hegde on Tuesday. (Image Source: ASP Hegde,...

    Keywords: Sodi Laxmi, CPI Maoist Usoor, Sodi Laxmi, CPI Maoist Usoor

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    Disha culprits, Disha culprits, telangana police flooded with flowers at the encounter site, Telangana police

    Telangana Police Flooded With Flowers at the Encounter Site 06 December 2019

    Telangana Police Flooded With Flowers at the Encounter Site:- The murder and rape of Disha created a huge sensation and there are tense situations across Telangana from the past one week. The four culprits have been traced and are taken...

    Keywords: Disha case, Disha news, Telangana cops updates, Telangana cops news

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    ISIS links in Hyderabad, Hyderabadi in ISIS, hyderabadi lady in isis, Telangana police

    Hyderabadi lady in ISIS! 31 January 2015

    A 19 year old Hyderabadi lady is believed to have joined Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] and this had been confirmed by the Telangana Intelligence Department. As per the report, the lady has spent two months in Iraq...

    Keywords: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Hyderabadi women, Intelligence department, Hyderabadi women

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    constable jobs in Telangana, constable jobs in Telangana, telangana youth not interested in cop jobs, Telangana police

    Telangana Youth Not Interested in Cop Jobs 04 February 2020

    Telangana Youth Not Interested in Cop Jobs:- There used to be a huge demand for jobs in the Police Department all over. But the recent happenings that happened in Telangana left many in deep shock. Several youngsters who passed several...

    Keywords: Telangana Police jobs, constable jobs in Telangana, Telangana Police Department latest, constable jobs in Telangana

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    Telangana Police, Islamic State, case booked against congress leader digvijaya singh, Telangana police

    Case Booked Against Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh 04 May 2017

    A case has been booked against Senior Congress leader and AICC General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, today, for accusing the Telangana Police, of luring Muslim youths to join Islamic State groups. Singh, in his tweets, alleged that “the Telangana Police has...

    Keywords: Muslim Youths, ISIS, Digvijaya Singh, ISIS

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    Warangal case, warangal nine-member murder case news, telangana cops track the nine member murder case, Telangana police

    Telangana Cops Track The Nine-Member Murder Case 25 May 2020

    Telangana Cops Track The Nine-Member Murder Case:- The Telangana police cracked the mystery behind the nine bodies which are recovered from a well in Warangal district. The four accused who are related to the murder of these nine bodies are...

    Keywords: warangal nine-member murder case updates, warangal nine-member murder case latest, Telangana police, warangal nine-member murder case updates

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    Telangana Police, Maoist Couple Surrenders, maoist couple surrenders before asp in telangana, Telangana police

    Maoist Couple Surrenders Before ASP In Telangana 02 September 2017

    Maoist Couple Surrenders Before ASP In Telangana:-  Maoist couple Kore Ashok alias Suryam (29) and his wife Kunjam Bhadramma alias Vijaya alias Padma (22) have surrendered before ASP Eturnagaram in Telangana’s Jayashankar Bhupalpally Warangal district on Saturday. The couple is a...

    Keywords: Maoist Couple Surrenders, Kore Ashok, Kore Ashok, Kore Ashok

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    Telangana crime stories, Suryapet, terror hunt across nalgonda district, Telangana police

    Terror hunt across Nalgonda district 06 April 2015

    Telangana police suspect more terror attacks in and around Nalgonda district, regarding this, the state cops are planning to make high security measures for the district. Initially, six police teams and elite anti-Maoist force Greyhounds people are participating in the...

    Keywords: Telangana police, Telangana crime stories, Terrorists, Suryapet

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    Telangana Police latest move, Telangana Police helpline, telangana police starts helpline for corrupted cops, Telangana police

    Telangana Police Starts Helpline For Corrupted Cops 08 June 2018

    Telangana Police Starts Helpline For Corrupted Cops:- Telangana Police in a shocking move introduced a special helpline for corrupted cops. They asked the citizens, street vendors and businessmen not to offer any bribes to cops and they shared a phone...

    Keywords: Telangana Police next, Telangana Police next, Telangana Police helpline, Telangana Police new

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    Telangana Police, Muslim youth, senior congress leader accuses telangana police of trapping muslim youth, Telangana police

    Senior Congress Leader Accuses Telangana Police Of Trapping Muslim Youth 01 May 2017

    Senior Congress Leader and AICC General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, triggered a controversy, alleging that the Telangana Police were trapping Muslim Youth, by encouraging them to join Islamic State. Singh, who is the Congress in-charge of Telangana and neighboring Andhra Pradesh,...

    Keywords: Telangana Police, Digvijaya Singh, Islamic State, Digvijaya Singh

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    Friendly Police, Facebook, facebook page to every police station, Telangana police

    Facebook page to every Police station 22 September 2014

    The Telangana state police are making major changes to the entire department as they are planning to create a Facebook page to every police station in the state. As part of 'Friendly Police' the higher officials of the department are...

    Keywords: Friendly Police, social justice, Hyderabad police, Telangana state police

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    Suryapet, Terrorist attacks, darga sheltered those 2 assailants, Telangana police

    Darga sheltered those 2 assailants 07 April 2015

    Nalgonda district Janakipuram encounter case takes a new turn. The assailants brought two bags along with them, but after the encounter, the whereabouts of those bags are not known. From the past 4 days the police are on a vigorous...

    Keywords: Terrorist attacks, Telangana police, Telangana police, Telangana police

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    Telangana, Telangana, cctns project goes live in telangana state, Telangana police

    CCTNS Project Goes Live In Telangana State 28 March 2017

    IT Minister KT Rama Rao and Home Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, today have declared the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project as live, in the State. CCTNS is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan...

    Keywords: KTR, Telangana, Nayani Narsimha Reddy, KTR

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