Darga sheltered those 2 assailants

April 07, 2015 10:11
Darga sheltered those 2 assailants

Nalgonda district Janakipuram encounter case takes a new turn. The assailants brought two bags along with them, but after the encounter, the whereabouts of those bags are not known. From the past 4 days the police are on a vigorous search of these bags as they thought that those might give some crucial information regarding them. But finally police got those 2 bags.

Inquiring the bags, police got to know that there are 2 cell phones and from those phones, the police started inquiring about the call list between april 1st  to april 4th.  

The investigation officers who have come from Maharashtra to  Arvapally, Nalgonda district have brought few sim cards with them. From the Darga spot at Arvapally, the officers used those Sim cards and started calling to know which sim networks are actually working at that place and how many calls are discharged to Maharashtra.

The assailants in the Suryapet incident initally hid in the Arvapally village and on April 1, from the Suryapet bus stand they were observed walking 27km.

On Friday, Darga arranged food for the ten families and these 2 assailants were seen sitting along with Vardhamankota devotees. On Saturday, they realized that Darga is not a safe place to hide and left it and within few minutes of leaving Darga, the firing was started.

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