• weight loss, weight loss, enjoy your work out, Swimming

    Enjoy your work out 08 February 2013

    No doubt exercise has become a part of our daily routine now. But, routine is at times really very boring and stops us from continuing the same because of the boredom... here are 3 steps you can follow when you...

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    saxaphone battle on train, video wishesh, video wishesh best videos for the weekend or two, Swimming

    Video Wishesh: Best Videos for the weekend (or two)! 06 April 2013

    Hey, guys! First of all, apologies for the missed weekend last time. I know it was a disappointment but we had to choose between a wonderful weekend at Leonia resorts and compiling a moderately enjoyable post of merely 6 videos that...

    Keywords: see saw, american football tackle, infinite spaces, saxaphone battle on train

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    , , swimming pool movie audio launch, Swimming

    Swimming Pool Movie Audio Launch 02 June 2015

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    Doctor Jokes, Funny Jokes, fish prasadam cures asthama and goes for swimming, Swimming

    Fish Prasadam Cures Asthama and Goes For Swimming 09 June 2016

    News: Thousands of people queue for ‘Fish Prasadam’ in HyderabadIt is advised by Doctor, not to drink water after eating Fish. Because It will Swim and then you feel Gulugulu in your stomachBy M. Divya Shri

    Keywords: Jokes, Silly Jokes, Doctor Jokes, Silly Jokes

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    Unlock 5.0 breaking news, Unlock 5.0 latest, unlock 5 0 centre grants complete relaxations, Swimming

    Unlock 5.0: Centre Grants Complete Relaxations 01 October 2020

    Unlock 5.0: Centre Grants Complete Relaxations:- After the attack of coronavirus pandemic, the entire country was under lockdown. The Centre issued stage wise relaxations for the people of the country. With the availability of daily essentials available, soon the Centre...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Unlock 5.0 restrictions, Unlock 5.0 SOP, Unlock 5.0 updates

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    Allu Arjun, Charan Brat, charan s present allu arjun s future, Swimming

    Charan's present, Allu Arjun's future 01 August 2013

    Charan does not seem to have much to worry about. He is going about his life normally, as if there are no threats to his films. And why would be be worried? Both Yevadu and Toofan has Shruti Hassan and...

    Keywords: Ram Charan, Ravi Teja, Zanjeer, Yevadu

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    , , swimming pool movie photos, Swimming

    Swimming Pool Movie Photos 12 January 2015

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    fina president julio maglione, world junior swimming championships  in singapore, singapore to host world junior swimming championships in 2015, Swimming

    Singapore to host World Junior Swimming Championships in 2015 19 July 2013

    World Junior Swimming Championships in 2015 will be hosted by Singapore subsequent to being awarded the hosting rights by Fina, the sport's international governing body. Interestingly, Fina president Julio Maglione made the announcement at a meeting held ahead of the...

    Keywords: world championships, singapore to host world junior swimming championships 2015., fina president julio maglione, sport's international governing body

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    Kajal Aggarwal, Vijay's Jilla Movie, kajal s fans practicing 2 minutes staring without batting eyelids, Swimming

    Kajal's Fans Practicing 2 minutes Staring Without Batting Eyelids 05 December 2013

    Do not take it as a yoga practice. Kajal's fans are practicing it only not to miss a single frame during her swimming scene. Kajal Aggarwal is acting in the movie Jilla opposite Vijay, his successful partner in the lead...

    Keywords: Jilla Movie Stills, Kajal's Swimming Scene in Jilla Movie, Jilla Movie, Kajal Aggarwal

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    Swimming, Asthma patients swimming benefits, swimming benefits for asthma patients, Swimming

    Swimming Benefits For Asthma Patients 01 August 2022

    Swimming Benefits For Asthma Patients:- Swimming is one of the best exercises for everyone and it also offers a huge relief. Asthma is a breathing condition that makes the people suffer to breathe easily. It would be difficult to perform...

    Keywords: swimming benefits Asthma patients, Asthma patients breaking news, Asthma patients new updates, Asthma patients new updates

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    swimming, Chlorine, eyes turning red after swimming is due to urine, Swimming

    Eyes turning Red after swimming, is due to urine! 29 June 2015

    For the annual ‘Healthy Swimming Program’, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have teamed up with Water Quality and Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. The program is all about educating the people about the health benefits of...

    Keywords: Chlorine, Chlorine, Urine, Urine

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    Ministry of Home Affairs, Covid-19 Guidelines, new covid 19 guidelines cinema halls occupancy increased, Swimming

    New Covid-19 Guidelines: Cinema Halls Occupancy Increased 28 January 2021

    New Covid-19 Guidelines: Cinema Halls Occupancy Increased:- As the Coronavirus cases are decreacing in the country, the government issued new guidelines which will come to effect from Feb 1, 2021. According to the government new guidelines of Covid-19, the occupancy...

    Keywords: Ministry of Home Affairs, Swimming pools, Ministry of Home Affairs, Coronavirus cases

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    Swumanoid, lifeguards, scientists create a swimming robot, Swimming

    Scientists create a swimming robot 31 July 2012

    Researchers have created a robot that is completely capable of replicating the backstroke perfectly. The Tokyo University of Technology which is led by associate professor Motomu Nakashima believes that robots like Swumanoid could be developed into potent robot lifeguards helping...

    Keywords: 3D Scanner, backstroke, backstroke, backstroke

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    Maharashtra news, Maharashtra news, maharashtra to reopen theatres and swimming pools from tomorrow, Swimming

    Maharashtra to Reopen Theatres and Swimming Pools from Tomorrow 05 November 2020

    Maharashtra to Reopen Theatres and Swimming Pools from Tomorrow:- Maharashtra is the most impacted state in the country because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Though the Centre granted permissions to reopen theatres, multiplexes, swimming pools and other sports-based offerings, it...

    Keywords: Maharashtra cases of coronavirus, Maharashtra cases of coronavirus, Maharashtra theatres, Maharashtra updates

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    muscle mobility, push ups, joint pains prevent them, Swimming

    Joint pains??? Prevent them... 18 December 2012

    Thanks to our daily routine and life style... irrespective of our age, we are welcoming all those joint pains... these appear to be simple, but really cause a mess in our body and mind as well... let's see if we...

    Keywords: exercises, sit ups, muscle mobility, prevent joint pains

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    Malaysia, swimming, girls forced to swim with python at motivational camp in malaysia, Swimming

    Girls Forced to Swim with Python at Motivational Camp in Malaysia 22 October 2016

    You are swing in the water and suddenly you see a snake? You will definitely get scared and run away. In a shocking video, 10 to 12-year-old girls are seen attending a motivational camp in Malaysia. They are asked to...

    Keywords: swimming, girls, girls, python

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    Swimming, Swimming, swimming in the ocean leaves your skin infected, Swimming

    Swimming in the Ocean Leaves Your Skin Infected 24 June 2019

    Swimming in the ocean is sure fun and it would be quite refreshing. But, research revealed that swimming in the ocean alters the skin microbiome and increases the chances of skin infection. This research was narrated at the meeting of...

    Keywords: Swimming, Swimming in the ocean latest, Swimming in the ocean latest, Swimming in the ocean updates

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    , , swimming pool platinum disc function, Swimming

    Swimming Pool Platinum Disc Function 07 September 2015

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    video, life, baby elephant rushes to save trainer video goes viral, Swimming

    Baby Elephant Rushes to Save Trainer, Video Goes Viral 18 October 2016

    We always have heard how a dog is a man's best friend. But in this case, a Baby Elephant became a savior. The heartwarming moment was caught on a video where a baby elephant goes into the water to save...

    Keywords: life, water, life, save

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    Actresses in Movies, Kajal in Jilla Movie, bikini works 3 ways get attention grow and retain, Swimming

    Bikini Works 3 Ways- Get Attention, Grow and Retain 10 December 2013

    Many believe that actresses have to shed some of their traditional clothes and cut the existing clothing to showcase their natural beauties in order to get good offers in the films. A bikini is a sure way to get to...

    Keywords: Actresses glamorous looks, Pranitha in Bikini, Actresses in Bikini, Kajal Swimming Scene

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