Video Wishesh: Best Videos for the weekend (or two)!

April 06, 2013 16:34
Video Wishesh: Best Videos for the weekend (or two)!

Hey, guys! First of all, apologies for the missed weekend last time. I know it was a disappointment but we had to choose between a wonderful weekend at Leonia resorts and compiling a moderately enjoyable post of merely 6 videos that last less than 30 minutes. The choice was obvious and here we are

But, we are now back with better than the best. Videos in the past week that were sheer brilliance for the entertainment quotient. Take a look

Video of the week: Unbelievable American Football Tackle:

I must admit that I know little to nothing of American Football but I couldn't just pass up this amazing tackle by a player who ran literally from one side of the field to another to tackle a guy.

As always, there are more videos that follow. They are all internet's gold too but not as high quality as the winner. The following five are

Dog's got Talent

A dog that is capable of understanding commands and also performing mindblowing tricks at the same time? The dog's got talent, yo!

Saxophone Battle in NYC train

Watch another fellow passenger challenging a performer on train, improptu. Now, that's real smooth (Criminal) we cannot just let that opportunity slip. Sorry!

South Korean See-Saw

Just as the name suggests, this is not just any otherseesaw. It's South Korean. Crazy as they are this is plain cool! I wouldn't try it though!

Space efficiency in a room

This is one of those magical tents in Harry Potter where the actual thing looks very small and yet there is inconceivably large room for activities inside. What if you could hide all your furniture and accessories into the walls?

Swimming in a Hallway

Swimming on land? I wish I could say I'm lying but this guy has done it for real. Mad props to that guy who polished and buffed the floor to the greatest possible smoothness. It now worries me if walking without losing traction on this floor is possible.

(AW- Anil)

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