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  • Summer travel, summer trips India, visit these 5 places to beat the summer heat, Summer heat

    Visit these 5 places to beat the Summer Heat 15 March 2022

    Visit these 5 places to beat the Summer Heat:- Summer is inching near and several people rush to hill stations to beat the heat of the summer. Top hill stations like Shimla, Dharmashala, Nainital and others have turned crowded and...

    Keywords: Top summer destinations, India's top hill stations, Indian summer travel, Top summer destinations

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    summer ice cream, summer heat, what to eat when you step out in summer, Summer heat

    What to eat when you step out in summer 19 April 2013

    Summer is finally here guys to test you patience and suck your energy in the form of sweat. While people search for ways to beat out stress in summer, some are really not sure whether to go with ice cream...

    Keywords: summer water melon, summer water melon, summer water melon, summer diet

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    Holiday Trip, holiday trips 2012, beat the heat with holidays, Summer heat

    Beat the heat with 'holidays'! 16 April 2012

    Summer is 'in' for sure. What not we do to beat this heat? And most important is this is a 'holiday' time as well. Unless you are working, you might be having a bit more time to spend with your...

    Keywords: Summer Camps, holiday trips 2012, Summer Camps, summer vacation

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    Heat Wave summer, Heat Wave summer foods, ten tips to survive the heat wave, Summer heat

    Ten tips to survive the Heat Wave 10 June 2022

    Ten tips to survive the Heat Wave:- The nation witnessed the hottest ever summer season this year and the ongoing heat wave is yet to calm down in the country. The heat is more than the prediction and the rapid...

    Keywords: Heat Wave tips, Heat Wave latest, Heat Wave latest, Heat Wave tips

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    winter season, attracts hat, fight the summer heat, Summer heat

    Fight the summer heat 28 March 2013

    Summer is on and so our beauty care routine in this tough season. we are on with our beauty care routine in summer, keeping aside all the beauty products that proved to be bliss for us in winter season.  Apart...

    Keywords: , , , attracts hat

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    temperature in ap, sun stroke andhra pradesh, mercury soars in state kills 25 so far, Summer heat

    Mercury soars in state, kills 25 so far 06 April 2013

    Temperature in the state has escalated like never before. In fact, the mercury levels in the state have been going over 43 degree Celsius for the past two days. In Adilabad district, as many as 25 persons have lost their...

    Keywords: andhra temperature, temperature in ap, andhra temperature, temperature in ap

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    summer hyderabad, temperature in andhra, temperature soars in ap, Summer heat

    Temperature soars in AP 29 March 2013

    Summer has finally come and mercury levels have already mounted like never before especially in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, in almost all areas, the temperature crossed above 40 degree Celsius, which is highest in March. The people are worried as...

    Keywords: summer heat, summer hyderabad, summer blues, summer heat

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    summer heat, lemon water, diy wishesh home made cool drinks, Summer heat

    DIY Wishesh: Home made cool drinks 16 April 2013

    Summer is already here and draining the water out of us. It is hard to stand the overwhelming heat without proper measures but you need to go out to buy every remedy for heat and by the time you come...

    Keywords: cool drinks for hot summer, sweet lassi, cool drinks for hot summer, lemon water

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    Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, china struggles with rising heatwave, Summer heat

    China struggles with rising heatwave 31 July 2013

    The impact of the killer heatwave in China has resulted beyond 10 people to experience death in China's commercial hub Shanghai, a local health official said on Wednesday as the city struggles with its highest temperatures in at least 140...

    Keywords: China rising heatwave, summer heatwave in China, Shanghai., China rising heatwave

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    summer health tips, stroke, sunstroke can be deadly, Summer heat

    Sunstroke can be deadly! 27 May 2013

    Insufferable summer heat can cause debilitating illness. In heatstroke alone, there are two kinds of conditions - sunstroke and heat exhaustion. SUNSTROKE: Sunstroke occurs due to direct rays from the sun. The patient falls unconscious. The pupils are usually contracted....

    Keywords: summer health medication., salt depletion, homoeopathy, giddiness

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    ex gratia sun stroke deaths, heat wave deaths, cold waves three times to hot ones, Summer heat

    Cold waves three times to hot ones 29 May 2013

    About 1000 deaths are reported due to hot waves in the State. The families of those deceased because of the never seen before heat in the State were announced for their entitlement for the ex-gratia of Rs.50000/- by the State...

    Keywords: hot waves death, heat wave deaths, sun stroke, hot waves death

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    summer heat, summer heat, monsoon enters ap finally, Summer heat

    Monsoon enters AP finally! 13 June 2012

    Southwest monsoon has finally touched Andhra Pradesh to bring smiles on the faces of scores. The state, which witnessed worst heat in the last two months with elevated mercury levels, is now happy. In the capital city Hyderabad, overcast weather...

    Keywords: monsoon enter AP, Rayalaseema, meteorological department, monsoon enter AP

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    Nandyala, Coastal areas Andhrapradesh, mercury swelling in the state capital highest, Summer heat

    Mercury swelling in the State- Capital highest 06 May 2013

    Mercury going up in the State and news of weather forecasts that it is going to go up more is causing worry among the general public and also authorities.  A maximum temperature of 45o is already recorded yesterday at Renta...

    Keywords: Guntur, maximum temperature., recorded temperature, temperature of summer

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    cucumber, summer heat, recipe cucumber and tomato salad, Summer heat

    Recipe: Cucumber and tomato salad 17 September 2012

    For the summer heat, one vegetable that works perfectly is cucumber. Known mainly as a salad accoutrement, they have a lot more benefits than being that decorative piece around the buffet spreads. The high water content and the rich nutrients...

    Keywords: , vitamins A, tomato, vitamins A

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    Hyderabad heat, Hyderabad summer, hyderabad to face severe heat this summer, Summer heat

    Hyderabad To Face Severe Heat This Summer 31 March 2018

    Hyderabad To Face Severe Heat This Summer:- This summer is going to be quite tough for Telangana and especially Hyderabad. The city's temperatures already touched 40 degrees on Friday which is unusual and never happened in March. This summer is...

    Keywords: Hyderabad temperatures, Hyderabad, Hyderabad latest, Hyderabad

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    Summer latest, Summer Clothing tips, tips to beat the heat in summer, Summer heat

    Tips to beat the heat in Summer 28 April 2022

    Tips to beat the heat in Summer:- The summer heat is gripping the nation and the temperatures are expected to be quite high. Most of them are trying hard to beat the heat and comfort remains to be the top...

    Keywords: Summer Heat latest, Summer Clothing, Summer Clothing, Summer tips

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    Saffron for health, Saffron diet, beat the summer heat with saffron, Summer heat

    Beat the Summer Heat With Saffron 06 March 2024

    Beat the Summer Heat With Saffron:- The summer heat can take a toll on our skin, but incorporating saffron into your skincare routine can help combat the effects of sun exposure. Saffron is a natural ingredient packed with antioxidants and...

    Keywords: Saffron, Saffron advantages, Saffron advantages, Saffron advantages

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