DIY Wishesh: Home made cool drinks

April 16, 2013 19:31
DIY Wishesh: Home made cool drinks

Summer is already here and draining the water out of us. It is hard to stand the overwhelming heat without proper measures but you need to go out to buy every remedy for heat and by the time you come back home after a cool dessert you are dehydrated once again. The coke and pepsi at your home are not good alternatives for the "coolants".

Here is a list of a few peppy drinks that you can make for yourselves and guests to ignore the summer heat.

Lassi: While every one knows about this popular drink in summers, add a pinch of salt and a few basil (Sabja) seeds that have been soaked in water overnight to add tang to your drink and cool you better.

Coconut is a perfect drink for the summer but its too plain to enjoy everyday. We made a few fruity additions that will make your coconuts taste exotic, though largely Indian.

Coco-Lime: Marinate lime slices overnight in the Coconut water and add a few drops of honey to your juice. Alternatively you can just squeeze one full lime into a 300ml of coconut water.


Coco-Pom Fizz: Pomegranate and coconut water should be blended and filtered. Add one half of soda water to your coco-Pom juice and sip away through the hot afternoons. Perfect when you host a guest.


Watermelon-Coco: This is my personal favorite. Fresh lime squeezed into coconut and mixed with the juice from watermelon. The drink looks girly but I don't mind the color when the taste is that good. Don't forget the one lime for 300 ml coconut water rule. 


Want to try something more extraordinary?

Hibiscus coolant!- Find a supermarket with Hibiscus Tea, (not too hard to find). Make simple sugar syrup and set aside to cool. Meanwhile boil a whole ginger finely chopped after peeling in two cups of boiling water and strain the water after setting aside for 20 mins. Discard the ginger pieces. Mix One cup of ginger ale, 2/3rd cup of sugar syrup and one cup of hibiscus tea (of course, you have to boil the tea in water). Add together and allow to cool in freezer. Add a few ice cubes and watermelon blocks to the drink. That's how we refresh!


(AW- Anil)

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