Sunstroke can be deadly!

May 27, 2013 18:56
Sunstroke can be deadly!

Insufferable summer heat can cause debilitating illness. In heatstroke alone, there are two kinds of conditions - sunstroke and heat exhaustion.


Sunstroke occurs due to direct rays from the sun. The patient falls unconscious. The pupils are usually contracted. The face is flushed. The pulse is rapid. Breathing becomes difficult and skin goes dry.

Sweating is absent. Mental confusion, headache, tremor, delirium, convulsion and coma precede heath.

Body temperature persists at 106 degree Fahrenheit or even more. This condition may cause death in a very short time, in one or two hours or the patient may go on with the same condition for a day or more.

Nevertheless, even after symptoms disappear, the patient may take several days to recover completely.


This occurs due to excessive sweating in an atmosphere of high temperature when there is both fluid and salt depletion and the patient has not taken enough fluid or salt to make good for the loss.
Heat exhaustion may be of two types.

Salt-losing heat
exhaustion (heat cramps) is characterized by weakness, headache, giddiness, nausea, vomiting, cramps in the legs and irritability. Gradually the blood pressure falls and the patient becomes pale and the pulse become weak and quick and the patient collapse.

Anihidrotic heat exhaustion:
This is in association with prickly heat. The patient feels extreme weakness, becomes irritable and the blood pressure is slow. A little effort may lead to collapse. There may be localized sweating in the axillac, hands, forehead and this condition may lead to heat stroke.


For Sunstroke:

Remove garments of the patient. Drape patient's body in a fine sheet of cloth and ice. Rub ice on the patient's body.
Switch on the fan to facilitate rapid evaporation.Give a saline drip if necessary.

For Heat Exhaustion, replace lost electrolytes by normal saline drip or orally, if there is no vomiting. Shift patient to a cool environment. Replace water loss by giving adequate water to drink.


It is the best preventive medicine for sunstroke.
This one works best in cases marked by congestion, full pu7lse, high fever, loss of consciousness.
It can be used in patients with flushed faces, congested eyes, full bounding pulse, unconsciousness, high fever, hot and dry skin.
Natrum Mur:
It is an excellent medicine for sunstrokes.
It is useful in collapses and heat exhaustion.

Note: "Consult homeopathic physician before using any of the above medicines"

Content Source : From a homeopathic physician

Image Source: Sunstroke

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