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    Virginity is linked to genes: Study 19 April 2016

    A surprising role for human genes has been unveiled after conducting a DNA study on more than 380,000 people. The study helped in finding the human genes, determining the age at which one would have their first sex. Family stability,...

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    love and romance, love and romance, 8 things happen during love making but are least bothered, Sex tips

    8 Things happen during love making, but are least bothered 13 April 2016

    There are few things which actually appear weird, unattractive, but we still do not concern them much and move on. Here are such few things. Check out whether you came across it or not. 1. Queef Queefing is a weird...

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    sex tips for men, sex advices, 5 mistakes men commit during intimacy, Sex tips

    5 mistakes men commit during intimacy 12 December 2015

    However powerful the men are and how much they earn in an annum, for one thing they have to surrender to their woman. Needless to say, it is intimacy. But the thing is, most men spoil their romantic life, by...

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    sex tips, sex tips, 5 ways to make him crazy on bed, Sex tips

    5 ways to make him crazy on bed 07 September 2015

    Is your man very dedicated to his work that much that, he even avoids bed some times and stick to laptop? Do not give him that chance. Follow these below five tricks to do so. 1. Make the environment tempting...

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    precaution to avoid pregnancy, benefits of sperm during pregnancy, pregnancy sex tips, Sex tips

    Pregnancy Sex Tips 12 April 2017

    The idea of having sex while you are pregnant can be very scary. Sex can be tricky during pregnancy, its different for every woman. Some find it satisfying some don’t until child birth. There are many questions about having sex...

    Keywords: Sexually Transmitted Infections, best positions of having sex during pregnancy, best positions of having sex during pregnancy, best positions of having sex during pregnancy

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