Pregnancy Sex Tips

April 12, 2017 19:34
Pregnancy Sex Tips

The idea of having sex while you are pregnant can be very scary. Sex can be tricky during pregnancy, its different for every woman. Some find it satisfying some don’t until child birth. There are many questions about having sex during pregnancy, about it being safe or not. Unless you have any complication, it is quite safe. Here are some pregnancy sex tips which can be useful if you want to know about pregnancy sex.

Sex during pregnancy

1. Take your doctor’s advice

doctor advice

Always remember, online articles might not always be right. Your doctor is the right person you should be talking to about anything related to health, especially when you are pregnant. If you want to know about having sex is safe for you during pregnancy, ask your doctor. He or she will know your condition and would advise you if it is good for you or not. Because, sex may not be good for women who have complications in their pregnancy. Understand the precautions you need to take for it.  

2. Sex is usually safe

Sex is usually safe

This is one of the biggest tension that, the would-be parents have about having sex during pregnancy. Sex is totally safe if advised by doctor. You need not worry about it hurting your baby. Because, the cervix of a woman forms a barrier between her vagina and her uterus. So, this protects the baby from getting harmed.  

3. Sex now can be different than normal times

Remember, sex can be totally different while you are pregnant. Some women like it, some get irritated by it. Pregnancy increases the blood flow to the pelvic area; most women feel increased sensation in the clitoris during sex. You might not feel the fullness after sex, might have sore nipples and also increased vaginal discharge.

4. Can cause uterine contractions due to orgasms

uterine contractions

The uterine contractions do not lead to labour, so do not get confused or worried if you have it for the first time. Orgasm does not trigger labour. This is one of the important pregnancy sex tips.

5. Use protection

Use protection

Yes, you should use protection during pregnancy sex. There is a risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). so, always make sure that you use condoms while having sex during pregnancy.

6. Select comfortable positions

Be creative and try easier and comfortable sex positions for pregnancy sex. The regular positions might get very uncomfortable. The regular missionary position would be very uncomfortable, you can just use the edge of the bed and do the missionary style while your partner can stand or kneel on the floor without pushing your belly. You can also be on top and do it however you are comfortable. Similarly, there are other positions you can try during pregnancy sex.

7. Go for Alternative sex

Please do remember that, anal sex is not recommended during pregnancy, it can lead to infection which can spread to the vagina. There are things that should be taken care of, if you are having oral sex. Make sure that it should not cause air embolism which can harm the baby. So, ask your partner not to blow into your vagina.  

8. Lots of pillows should be used

Lots of pillows

Being comfortable is the key to have sex when you are pregnant. Making it one of the simplest pregnancy sex tips, using lots of pillows for keeping yourself comfortable during sex is important.

Having an intimate relation with your partner is good. It is completely okay to not have sex while you are pregnant. You can still spend quality time with him. Just make sure that both of you are comfortable with each other. Do not force yourself to have sex if you or he do not want to or are not comfortable having it.

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