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    Sega Audio Release 16 May 2011

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    Sega Movie Stills 06 April 2011

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    Does Success is getting over ‘Nani’s head? 21 June 2011

    ‘Nani’ is one of the few such actors in T – Town, who has managed to be successful, without any back up and purely with his performance Skills. The Actor’s acting abilities were strongly appreciated in ‘Ala Modalaindi’. Even the...

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    ‘Sega’ to heat us in June 25 May 2011

    ‘Ala Modalaindi’ Pair Nani and Nitya Menon are all set to sizzle again together along with Bindu Madhavi, with a movie called ‘Sega’. The Audio launch of this film, happened recently and the film is all set to ‘Heat’ the...

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    ‘Sega’ loses its heat! 15 July 2011

    ‘Ala Modalaindi’ hit pair Nani and Nitya Menon’s upcoming film together again, ‘Sega’ was actually scheduled for a release in June itself. As per the film makers, due to the lack of availability of theaters, the release date has postponed...

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    ‘Sega’ release postponed? 21 June 2011

    One of the Hot and happening couple of T – Town, who sizzled with their amazing on – screen chemistry in the film ‘Ala Modalaindi’, Nani – Nitya Menon are teaming up again in the film ‘Sega’. This bilingual film...

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    Sega Trailer

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    Baby, don’t bluff! 17 September 2011

    Well, this is quiet a common nature of any celeb who is not with many offers in hand, but bluffs that he/she is busy with offers, or in fact choosy about the work. This heroine, who is a Telugu speaking...

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    No business? 17 September 2011

    He is a well known hero. His first film itself turned out to be a critically acclaimed film and a decent hit. He has done couple of other films, that turned out to be an average success. His ‘Ala Modalaindi’,...

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    Luck for Nani? 27 September 2011

    Yes, and this is not the aisawaisa luck, if the news received from the sources is to be believed. For any hero, who is in the stage of building up his career, with no support of any God father, getting...

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    Is Nitya seeing Nani? 18 June 2011

    It is good to be a Heroine or a Hero. You have fame, name, money, popularity and a love life. Almost every Heroine / Hero, who acts together in couple of films, develops a kind of affection that turns to...

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    ‘Sega’ on June 24th 04 June 2011

    ‘Ala Modalaindi’ pair Naani and Nitya Menon all set to sizzle with their ‘Chemistry’ on – screen again with ‘Sega’. The movie’s Audio was launched recently and the songs composed by Jashuwa Sridhar appear to be classy. The film is...

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    Sega Movie Review, Sega Movie Review, sega, Sega

    Sega 29 July 2011

    Movie Name: Sega Casts: Nani,Karthik Kumar,Muthukumar,Nithya Menon, Bindu Madhavi Direction: Anjana Khan Production: Gautham Menon, Madhan, Kumar, Jayaraman and Venkat Music: Joshua Sridhar Rating: 2/5 Right from the launch of ‘Sega’, was announced, there were many things that excited the...

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    Sega movie, Sega movie, sega to release on july 29th, Sega

    ‘Sega’ to release on July 29th 21 July 2011

    ‘Ala Modalaindi’ hit pair Nani – Nitya Menon starrer, bilingual film ‘Sega’, titled as ‘Veppam’ in Tamil is scheduled for a release on July 29th. The film was supposed to release on June 24th itself. But, due to many reasons,...

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    Yatra Wishesh - Dudh Sagar Waterfall "A Sea of Milk" 26 April 2013

    Dudh Sagar Waterfall is one of the highest water falls in India, and among the hundred highest waterfalls in the world. It lies in the southern part of Goa at Mollem, towards the border with Karnataka state. Dudh Sagar, literally...

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    Nitya – Nani sizzle with ‘Sega’, Nitya – Nani sizzle with ‘Sega’, nitya nani sizzle with sega, Sega

    Nitya – Nani sizzle with ‘Sega’ 16 May 2011

    ‘Ala Modalaini’ pair Nani and Nitya Menon along with Kathik and Bindu Madhavi are coming up with their new film called ‘Sega’. The flick is Directed by Anjana. ‘Sega’ is simultaneously shot in Telugu and Tamil. ‘sega’ is supposed to...

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