• Samaikyandhra Parirakshana Vedika, Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma, save andhra pradesh permitted, Protesters

    'Save Andhra Pradesh' Permitted 04 September 2013

    Although the police was first hesitant to permit APNGOs to conduct a meeting at Hyderabad on 7th, ultimately the event is permitted and an announcement to that effect was made by DCP V.B.Kamalasan Reddy on Tuesday night after thoroughly looking...

    Keywords: Telangana protesters, Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma, Samaikyandhra Parirakshana Vedika, Telangana JAC

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    Indian forces vanquished stone attacker, Kashmir stone attacking anti-India protesters, indian forces vanquished stone attacking anti india protesters, Protesters

    Indian forces vanquished stone attacking anti-India protesters 09 August 2013

    Indian forces have used tear gas as well as pellet guns to vanquish thousands of stone attacking anti-India protesters who took to the streets in succession to special Eid prayers in the Indian portion of Kashmir. Furthermore, a police officer...

    Keywords: Kashmir Violence during Eid, Kashmir stone attacking anti-India protesters, Eid prayers in Kashmir, paramilitary officers

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    Samiakya activists, Seemandhra Protests, high tension and low wattage in seemandhra, Protesters

    High Tension and low Wattage in Seemandhra 07 October 2013

    A tussle between police and market people started again at Gantasthambam in Vizianagaram when the police wanted the market to be cleared and the vendors refused to do so.  Women market vendors resisted the police forcing them to vacate the...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra protesters, tension at Seemandhra region, DE Muni Shankaraiah of Tirupati, Samaikyandhra protesters

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    Is violence the only way, Abdul Gani Mir, violence erupts in war torn kashmir, Protesters

    Violence erupts in war torn Kashmir 21 September 2013

    There was violent collision as well as disagreement between anti-India protesters and government forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir. The police informed this resulted in hurting minimum of seven people during Friday. Police officer Abdul Gani Mir said the clashes burst forth...

    Keywords: Kashmir, Violence erupts in war torn Kashmir, Violent Collision kills, violence in Kashmir

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    rape victim delhi, sonia meets rape victim, gang rape case sonia meets women protesters assures of action, Protesters

    Gang rape case: Sonia meets women protesters, assures of action 23 December 2012

    UPA chairperson met a few women protesters in Delhi who had been raising their vocie against the recent gang rape in Delhi. Sonia, who apparently met the students, reportedly promised them of stringent action against the culprits. She was said...

    Keywords: sonia gandhi rape protests, rape protests sonia residents, rape victim delhi, sonia meets rape victim

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    egypt fury, muslim brotherhood  in egypt, egyptians prayers for peace, Protesters

    Egyptians prayers for Peace! 12 July 2013

    Horrifying death accompanied by peaceful prayer is furthering hand in hand in Egypt making life a hell for the Egyptians. That's disgraceful to see that a person is not able to gain peace even during prayer. Subsequent to the supporters...

    Keywords: international politics, egyptians prayers for peace, cairo violence., egyptian security forces

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    Samaikya protesters, Samaikya protesters, resignations and tension in seemandhra, Protesters

    Resignations And Tension In Seemandhra 04 October 2013

    Union Minister Purandheswari submitted her resignation against the Cabinet approval of Telangana State. Union Minister Killi Kruparani sent her resignation by fax to the Prime Minister.   Narasapur MP Kanumuri Bapiraju tendered his resignation to the speaker of the Parliament...

    Keywords: Bandh in Seemandhra, Bandh called by APNGOs, Union Minister Purandheswari resigned, Narasapur MP Kanumuri Bapiraju

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    hooligans, delhi gang rape, protest but maintain calm sushilkumar shinde, Protesters

    Protest but maintain calm: Sushilkumar Shinde 24 December 2012

    The Home Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde had to intervene when it came to staging a march to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, the home of the President saying that it was a security issue and that hooligans would have found their chance to slip...

    Keywords: Sushilkumar Shinde, hooligans, delhi gang rape, protests

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    Marina Beach, police, protesters in marina beach threatens to commit suicide, Protesters

    Protesters in Marina Beach Threatens to Commit Suicide 23 January 2017

    A new clash broke up between agitated locals and the police in Chennai at Marina Beach. Protestors demanded a permanent solution and not a 'temporary' ordinance for Jallikattu. The police requested the protesters to leave Marina Beach in a peaceful...

    Keywords: state assembly, Jallikattu, Chennai, Chennai

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    Samaikyandhra protesters at Tenali, Tenali Protesters AAP Way, tenali protesters aap way, Protesters

    Tenali Protesters AAP Way 27 December 2013

    The way Aam Admi Party used brooms the practical 3 D Election Symbol of the party were used to clean the roads of Delhi to symbolize cleaning Delhi from corruption. The same way, although it is not their election symbol,...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra protesters at Tenali, AAP Party Symbol, AP State News, Tenali Protesters using Brooms

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    protest, status, protesters all over ap arrested call for bandh, Protesters

    Protesters All Over AP Arrested, Call for Bandh 10 September 2016

    YSR Congress activists were arrested  from across Andhra Pradesh on Saturday. The activists were staging protests and enforcing a bandh call to demand special status for Andhra Pradesh.YSRCP president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a bandh call followed by which...

    Keywords: status, status, Andhra Pradesh, bandh

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    Samaikyandhra protests, APNGOs Association President Ashok Babu, do not resort to violence ashok babu, Protesters

    Do Not Resort To Violence- Ashok Babu 05 October 2013

    The APNGOs Association President Ashok Babu appealed to the protesters not to resort to violence.  He said that only closing of Central Government offices and blocking of National Highways are on the agenda.   He said that the political parties...

    Keywords: APNGOs Association President Ashok Babu, Samaikyandhra protests, APNGOs Association President Ashok Babu, Samaikyandhra protests

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    Jallikattu Protest, Jallikattu Protest, protesters demand promulgation of jallikattu ordinance panneerselvam meets pm modi, Protesters

    Protesters Demand Promulgation of Jallikattu Ordinance, Panneerselvam Meets PM Modi 19 January 2017

    Several students and youngsters continued to protest asking the government to lift the ban on Jallikattu. Thousands were gathered at the Marina beach on Thursday. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. He demanded...

    Keywords: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, Marina Beach, Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam

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    presidents daughter, sister apologizes, abhijit should be forgiven congress, Protesters

    Abhijit should be forgiven: Congress 28 December 2012

    After President, Pranab Mukerjees son, Abhijit made controversial remarks against women protesters in Delhi, his sister apologized on his behalf. The budding politician, Abhijit said that the women who were at the protests were not even students and calling them...

    Keywords: forgive and forget, presidents son, sister apologizes, congress supports

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    Bihar, Nawada, protesters hurl slippers and chairs at nitish, Protesters

    Protesters hurl slippers and chairs at Nitish 09 October 2012

    After Nitish Kumar had finished addressing the rally at Nawada in Bihar, he had yet again faced a bitter experience when the angry protesters had hurled slippers and plastic chair at the Chief Minister of Bihar. The police confirmed that...

    Keywords: Bihar, Nitish Kumar, Bihar, Adhikar Yatra

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    agitation for Samaikyandhra, Pondicherry Minister for Electricity, pondicherry minister sloganeers for samaikyandhra, Protesters

    Pondicherry Minister Sloganeers for Samaikyandhra 19 September 2013

    Yes.  It happened so!  Pondicherry Minister for Electricity shouted "Jai Samaikyandhra". Of course it is only done as situation demanded there.  Pondicherry Minister Thyagarajan going to Tirupati to have Swamy’s blessings was caught in the traffic.  The protesters for Samaikyandhra...

    Keywords: agitation for Samaikyandhra, Pondicherry Minister for Electricity, protesters for Samaikyandhra, Ramachandrapuram Mandal headquarters

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