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  • National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, ncp statements shock congress party, Praful patel

    NCP statements shock Congress party 29 January 2014

    The Congress party is reckon to be facing the heat of not only public but also its alliance parties in the UPA government. Hours after National Conference of Jammu & Kashmir chief Farooq Abdullah announcing that Omar (J&K CM) will...

    Keywords: NCP statements shock Congress party, National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah, Nationalist Congress party, Narendra Modi

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    fdi in retail vote, gurudas dasgupta on fdi in retail, live fdi debate updates they said it, Praful patel

    Live FDI debate updates : They said it..! 05 December 2012

    The war of the words regarding the FDI in multi-brand retail has been going on, making the parliament an intense battle field. Almost all the political heavyweights expressed their stand on the issue, unsurprisingly BJP and the opposition as a...

    Keywords: bjp on fdi, upa stand on fdi, murli manohar joshi on fdi in retail, fdi in retail voting

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    Railway Budget 2014, Praful Patel, ncp aiadmk back rail budget, Praful patel

    NCP, AIADMK back Rail budget 09 July 2014

    Congress party allies Nationalist Congress Party [NCP] and AIADMK backed the NDA government's Railway budget which was a shocker. NCP has supported the government's decision of introducing Public Private Partnerships [PPP] and Foreign Direct Investments [FDI] in the Railways. Speaking,...

    Keywords: Praful Patel, Praful Patel, AIADMK backs railway budget, Railway Budget 2014

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    fdi in retail debate, fdi in retail debate, rajya sabha the next battle ground over fdi, Praful patel

    Rajya Sabha; The next battle ground over FDI 06 December 2012

    Congress led UPA government finally managed to win the vote on FDI in multi-brand retail in Lok Shabha, the lower house of the parliament as they had numerical superiority over there. But the government will face the real litmus test...

    Keywords: upa stand on fdi, bsp on fdi, upa wins fdi vote, sp on fdi

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    Nationalist Congress Party, Ahmed Patel, ncp wants equal seat share, Praful patel

    NCP wants equal seat share 21 August 2014

    Nationalist Congress party [NCP] has locked all the ways for the Congress party to break the alliance and demanded equal number of seats for the Assembly elections which are slated later this year. NCP has been demanding 144 Assembly seats...

    Keywords: Maharashtra Assembly elections, Praful Patel, Nationalist Congress Party, Ahmed Patel

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    Praful Patel, Birendra, bureaucrat delays air india flight by 45 minutes, Praful patel

    Bureaucrat delays Air India flight by 45 minutes 11 August 2012

    Air India flight to Delhi had been late by 45 minutes but this time it was not the inefficiency of the airline but the use, or rather misuse, of the influence of a senior bureaucrat to delay the flight according...

    Keywords: New York, London, Praful Patel, Jet Airways

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    left parties on fdi in retail, anand sharma on fdi, breaking news upa wins the fdi in retail vote, Praful patel

    Breaking News: UPA wins the FDI in retail vote 05 December 2012

    Finally after much speculation and intense debate the UPA government has finally won the vote on Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail. There were 218 votes in favour of the motion against FDI in retail and 253 votes were in...

    Keywords: fdi in retail voting, bsp on fdi, opposition stand on fdi, mulayam singh fdi retail stand

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    Lalit Modi, Sushma Swaraj, 3 upa ministers helped lalit modi congress asks resignation of sushma and raje, Praful patel

    3 UPA Ministers helped Lalit Modi, Congress asks resignation of Sushma and Raje 17 June 2015

    The Enforcement Directorate, which is investigating against Lalit Modi and his associates has found that a firm owned by Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje's son, Dushyant Singh, who is a BJP MP from Jhalawar-Baran, received Rs 11.63 crore from the...

    Keywords: Praful Patel, Sharad Pawar, Vasundhara Raje, Lalit Modi

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    AAP, UPA government, aap to contest against corrupt ministers, Praful patel

    AAP to contest against corrupt ministers 31 January 2014

    The Aam Aadmi Party decided to contest against the most corrupt UPA government ministers in the upcoming general elections 2014. The decision was taken at AAP's national executive meeting on Thursday. AAP will contest against the sitting MPs facing criminal...

    Keywords: Salman Kurshid, Chidambaram, AAP to contest against corrupt ministers, Kamal Nath

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    NCP chief, number two slot, sharad pawar resigns, Praful patel

    Sharad Pawar resigns 20 July 2012

    In a major shock to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), the union minister for agriculture Sharad Pawar (NCP) and another minister from Congress Praful Patel reportedly resigned for their posts. The reports indicated that both were unhappy with the UPA...

    Keywords: number two slot, Praful Patel resigned, number two slot, Praful Patel resigned

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