• centre budget, oppositions budget, bjp expresses displeasure over budget, Pleasure

    BJP expresses displeasure over budget 28 February 2013

    BJP state president Kishan Reddy has expressed his displeasure over the budget for the current year, which was introduced by finance minister P Chidambaram in Lok Sabha today. He has termed the budget as disappointing and questioned as the absence...

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    , , women expression, Pleasure

    Women Expression

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    joy, joy, be happy in little things of life, Pleasure

    Be happy in little things of life 03 January 2014

    Happiness lies in savoring the little joys of life. Think of the little pleasures that happened in your life. A one liner humour of your friend may have caused you to roll in laughter or the low traffic in the...

    Keywords: Be happy in little things of life, tip of the day, joys of life, happy in life

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    Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy, displeasure among ministers, ministers question cm over transfer of ias officials, Pleasure

    Ministers question CM over transfer of IAS officials 16 June 2011

    Several Ministers expressed their displeasure to the Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy at the cabinet meeting today over the sudden transfer of several IAS officers. Most of the ministers who attended the cabinet meeting at the Secretariat objected to the manner in...

    Keywords: transfer of IAS officers, cabinet meeting, transfer of IAS officers, displeasure among ministers

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    State Ministers Pitani Satyanaryana, Union Ministry for textiles, kavuri finds pleasure in commoner s company, Pleasure

    Kavuri Finds Pleasure in Commoner's Company 02 July 2013

    Kavuri Sambasiva Rao said at Eluru that he finds more pleasure in the company of the people than as a Minister.   Kavuri who went to his constituency Eluru for the first time after assuming the charge of the Union...

    Keywords: Union Ministry for textiles, Eluru Constituency, Vatti Vasant Kumar, Kolleru residents

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    Telugu Film Producers Council, Kiran Kumar, film producers express their displeasure on vat, Pleasure

    Film producers express their displeasure on VAT 04 July 2012

    Telugu Film Producers Council has told the media on Wednesday that Andhra Pradesh Government has expressed its concern over the value added tax, which is likely to financially damage the film industry. It may be noted that the council members...

    Keywords: Value Added Tax, CM, Kiran Kumar, VAT

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    sons, marriage, i want to enjoy the pleasure of two wedding s nagarjuna, Pleasure

    ‘I want to Enjoy the Pleasure of Two Wedding’s: Nagarjuna 08 August 2016

    From many months, speculations riffed about Naga Chaitnya and Akhil’s marriage. But now it's loud and clear that the handsome Akkineni brothers have found their soul mates and marry actress Samantha, Akhil is going to marry Hyderabad-based designer Shriya Bhupal.There...

    Keywords: sons, rumors, Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna

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    depression, depression, depression in women, Pleasure

    Depression in Women 04 January 2013

    Depression... the disease you can say that is more seen in we women... the situations each individual faces and reacts to it are definitely different. And women known to be sensitive by nature tend to get affected by this emotional...

    Keywords: sleepless, appetite, interest, concentrating

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    Kayseri, BMI, bigger belly men give more pleasure, Pleasure

    Bigger Belly men, give more pleasure 23 January 2015

    According to a recent study, men with bigger bellies last five minutes longer than the slimmer men in bed, so women don't worry if your partner has a large tummy as he would give you more pleasure. The study was...

    Keywords: Erciyes University, male romance performance, male romance performance, premature ejaculation

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    Sanghma, Sanghma, prez candidature upa doesn t care a fig on displeasure, Pleasure

    Prez candidature: UPA doesn't care a fig on displeasure 20 June 2012

    As the debate on consensus on presidential candidate is still on among political circles, the sources said that Pranab Mukherjee, the one who had been allegedly criticized by many political analysts over his alleged inefficiency in handling finance ministry, is...

    Keywords: Sanghma, Sanghma, BJP MP Maneka Gandhis, UPA

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    democracy, July 4th, powell expresses immense pleasure to be in india on july 4th, Pleasure

    Powell expresses immense pleasure to be in India on July 4th 05 July 2012

    American Ambassador of India, Nancy Powell, said that it feels great to be in India on US' Independence day. I her words “It feels great to celebrate the birthday of the World's oldest democracy in the Worlds largest democracy”. She...

    Keywords: democracy, Nancy Powell, powell, powell

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    chenetha deeksha, YS Vijayalakshmi, botsa expresses displeasure over vijayamma s sircilla tour, Pleasure

    Botsa expresses displeasure over Vijayamma's Sircilla tour 24 July 2012

    PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana has expressed his displeasure over YSRC acting president YS Vijayamma's Sircilla tour. He has questioned as to what YSRC leaders achieved with chenetha deeksha (one-day protest in Sircilla).While stating that a person  can move anywhere in...

    Keywords: Botsa Satyanarayana, chenetha deeksha, YSRC, YS Vijayalakshmi

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    sexual pleasure, exploiting our national heritage and culture, couple undergoing sex are logically married in india, Pleasure

    Couple undergoing sex are logically married in India? 21 June 2013

    If a person can prove that he or she had sex with another, a Family Court will declare the marriage to be logical - whether the other person approves or not, according to the  judge. Indian court implemented regulation governing...

    Keywords: sex are legally married, sex are legally married, sex are lawfully married in india, couple sex and divorce

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    impudent remarks, TG Venkatesh, jp expresses his displeasure over impudent remarks of tg venkatesh, Pleasure

    JP expresses his displeasure over impudent remarks of TG Venkatesh 15 July 2012

    Lok Satta party chief Jaya Prakash Narayana, who has bid-adieu to the most prestigeous IAS career to clean the politics in Andhra Pradesh, has expressed his displeasure over the statements made by the minister TG Venkatesh on IAS officials. Jaya...

    Keywords: Lok Satta, Jaya Prakash Narayana, Lok Satta, TG Venkatesh

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    lonely life, Shruti Haasan enjoys writing, shruti haasan enjoys writing, Pleasure

    Shruti Haasan enjoys writing! 25 May 2013

    Haasan said that she like writing due to the fact that, it is something she enjoy the most and have future plans. Extremely graceful Shruti Haasan experiences pleasure for acting, on the contrary unlike her father Kamal Haasan, she isn’t...

    Keywords: film script writing, film script writing, Sarika, Shruti Haasan script writer

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    fine, cities, top 10 most romantic cities in the world, Pleasure

    Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World! 28 January 2013

    Romanticism has never been properly judged. Who was there to judge it? The critics! Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet The Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World gives us that intense pleasure to enjoy and appreciate romance...

    Keywords: feeling., fine, feeling.,

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    Dress it up, Wet Pleasures, 9 ways to lovely arouse your man, Pleasure

    9 Ways to lovely arouse your man 01 October 2012

    Tired of your man's lack lustre libido? Want him to make passionate love to you? Follow these nine stimulation techniques to pep up your man's sexual appetite. 1. Tie Him Up: Take control and get your man all tied up....

    Keywords: Wet Pleasures, Dirty dancing, Dress it up, Wet Pleasures

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    Blindfolded pleasure, Blindfolded pleasure, use satin ribbons rope for great love, Pleasure

    Use satin ribbons, rope for great love 11 September 2012

    Many couples, bored by the flagging sex lives, indulge in role play and sexual bondage. It's known to perk things up between the sheets! You've watched porn, you've indulged perhaps in role play as well, but have you ever tried...

    Keywords: Use satin ribbons, Use satin ribbons, Be honest with your partner, Be honest with your partner

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    National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Condoms, condoms are luxury products meant for pleasure, Pleasure

    Condoms are luxury products “meant for pleasure” 11 July 2015

    The Delhi High Court in a judgment held that though condoms fall within the definition of “drugs” under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and are “essential medicines”, the government cannot fix ceiling prices as there is no specified strength or...

    Keywords: High Court, High Court, High Court, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

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    Pleasure-shaped condoms, Flavoured condoms, 5 types of condoms for great love, Pleasure

    5 Types of condoms for great Love 25 September 2012

    It's a lot of fun to choose the right condom before a steamy love making session. Today there are many varieties of condoms available in the market, from flavoured condoms to dotted condoms. It's always safe and feels good to...

    Keywords: Dotted condoms, Glow in the dark condoms, , Pleasure-shaped condoms

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