• Indian baby kidnap, Saanvi baby dead, baby saanvi killed by raghunandan yandamuri body found dead in sauna basement, Neighbour

    Baby Saanvi killed by Raghunandan Yandamuri - body found dead in sauna basement 27 October 2012

    UPPER MERION, Pa. - Authorities say 10-month-old Saanvi Venna has been found dead, and a suspect has been charged with murdering both the baby and her grandmother.  The suspect, Ragunandan Yandamuri, faces charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, theft and...

    Keywords: 10 months old baby Saanvi murdered, Raghunanadan Yendamuri, 10 months old baby Saanvi murdered, saanvi venna body found

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    Thinking, Thinking, count your blessings, Neighbour

    Count your blessings 07 January 2014

    Think about your blessings rather than your problems. Whenever you feel low and dejected count your blessings and you will feel upbeat soon. Happiness lies in seeing things in a positive light. Question yourself, if my neighbour is happy with...

    Keywords: Tip of the Day, problems, Count your blessings, Happiness Tips

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    Indian Air Force Chief Air Marshal NAK Browne, neighbouring countries, bangladesh seeks enhanced defence cooperation with india, Neighbour

    Bangladesh seeks enhanced defence cooperation with India 21 March 2012

    Browne, the spokesman said, told the president that the exchange of training and experience-sharing between the air force officers of the two countries would continue in the future. Bangladesh on Tuesday sought enhanced defence cooperation with India, including boosting training...

    Keywords: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, neighbouring countries, Indian Air Force Chief Air Marshal NAK Browne, neighbouring countries

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    Washington's West End neighbourhood, President Barack Obama, obama and first lady on date night at indian eatery, Neighbour

    Obama and First Lady on date night at Indian eatery 09 August 2013

    The Obamas are kicking off their vacation a few days early, accompanying date night at a restaurant near the White House. President Barack Obama along with First Lady Michelle Obama arrived on Thursday evening in formal attire at Rasika, an...

    Keywords: White House., President Barack Obama, Washington's West End neighbourhood, The couple on date night at Indian eatery

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    Deven Mehta updates, Mukesh Ambani news, mukesh ambani s neighbouring house sold for rs 125 cr, Neighbour

    Mukesh Ambani’s neighbouring house sold for Rs 125 Cr 04 July 2017

    Mukesh Ambani’s neighbouring house sold for Rs 125 Cr:- Top businessman Mukesh Ambani is the wealthiest billionaire in the country. He has been competing with many top billionaires across the globe and has been growing up every single day. He...

    Keywords: Mukesh Ambani updates, Mukesh Ambani updates, Deven Mehta updates, Deven Mehta news

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    school boy murders, murder for money, 14 year old boy murders neighbour for money, Neighbour

    14-year old boy murders neighbour for money 13 June 2012

    A school boy studying  IX class in a governement school murdered or rather aided for the murder of an old woman in the Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu. The murder was comitted for the jewels of teh woman. Police investigating...

    Keywords: school boy murders, neighbour murdered, school boy murders, 14 year old murders

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    Neighbourhood Gossips, Neighbourhood Gossips, women love their maids more, Neighbour

    Women Love Their Maids More!!! 17 September 2012

    There is a very popular saying that says women love their maids more than any one else. Wee. You simply cannot ward off this statement to be a false one. Women love and take care of all alike. But there...

    Keywords: , Partner, Mood, Women Love Their Maids More

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    Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), SCs, awareness meeting on ray, Neighbour

    Awareness meeting on 'RAY' 12 September 2010

    An ambitious plan to make Vijayawada a slum-free city, the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) has decided to take up various developmental works, including a housing scheme for the development of slums under Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY). Sensitive issuesThe VMC organised...

    Keywords: Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY), Deputy Mayor S.P. Gritton, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC)

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    , , poor neighbour, Neighbour

    Poor neighbour 07 February 2015

    Son to his mother “The people next door must be poor.”Mother said, “Why do you say that?”The son replied, “Because they made such a fuss when the baby swallowed a ten paise coin.”

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    Affak, Dog owner updates, dog owner shoots a man for throwing stone on his pet, Neighbour

    Dog Owner Shoots A Man For Throwing Stone On His Pet 08 January 2019

    Dog Owner Shoots A Man For Throwing Stone On His Pet:- A man took out his pistol and shot his neighbor for throwing a stone at his dog. The incident took place on Delhi's Welcome Colony on Sunday afternoon. The victim...

    Keywords: Dog owner updates, Affak, Dog owner updates, Affak

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    non-human neighbours, Trigueros del Valle, dogs and cats to have dignity in the town of trigueros del valle, Neighbour

    Dogs and Cats to have dignity in the town of Trigueros del Valle 24 July 2015

    A town in the north of Spain has become the first place to grant cats and dogs special rights as “non-human neighbours”. Trigueros del Valle, a town of 300 inhabitants in the province of Valladolid, has accepted a declaration which...

    Keywords: Spain, Trigueros del Valle, Trigueros del Valle, Dogs and Cats

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    easy movies, naan ee, hot samantha could be your neighbour, Neighbour

    Hot Samantha could be your neighbour! 09 July 2012

    Wondering how! Me too, said my colleague when he noticed my title, well I replied quite possible if you are somewhere near Gandipet. But all this off the records, as of now recent reports on popular media spill the beans...

    Keywords: samantha, , samantha, eaga

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