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  • weak consumer spending, slow development in india, india s outgrowth slackens in speed, National news headline

    India's outgrowth slackens in speed! 01 June 2013

    There have been a deterioration in India's economic development due to the fact of its slowest rate of movement in a decade for the current fiscal year, moving unsteadily surrounded by government proving unsuccessful to act on planned improvement to...

    Keywords: india's economic development critically relaxed, consumer expenses in india, economic development in india, indian economics

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    charitable institution., management studies in india, n shiva kumar an inspiration for the humankind, National news headline

    N Shiva Kumar: an inspiration for the humankind! 25 May 2013

    Shiva Kumar cracked one of India's toughest entrance exams to get into the premier Indian business school – the IIM's. N Shiva Kumar is one blissful soul who never in his wildest dreams imagined of being splashed on the front...

    Keywords: indian business school, bangalore institute of technology, common aptitude test cat exam, premier indian business school

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    india- pakistan relations, poonch sector, pakistani militants shot dead indian army officer, National news headline

    Pakistani militants shot dead Indian army officer! 08 June 2013

    An Indian army officer informed that Pakistani militants shot dead an Indian junior commanding officer on Friday near Poonch sector of the countries' bickering border in the Himalayan region of Kashmir.  The firing known to have taken place succeeding to...

    Keywords: pakistani militants kills indian army officer, kashmir, national news headline, indian army officer

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    india, brazil, india s development to mount, National news headline

    India's development to mount! 13 June 2013

    A newly released World Bank report mentioned that the development in India is contemplated to elevate to 5.7 percent in the 2013 fiscal year as well as firm to 6.5 percent and 6.7 percent in FY2014 and FY2015, respectively. Furthermore,...

    Keywords: development in india, national news headline, global economic prospects, world bank

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    cmj university, university  issuing fraudulent phds, cmj university caught in fraudulent phds guilt, National news headline

    CMJ University caught in fraudulent PhDs guilt! 05 June 2013

    CMJ University in the northeastern state of Meghalaya have been under doubt of deliberate deception while issuing fraudulent PhDs. Furthermore, the university was declared to have awarded exceeding 400 doctorates on one year time. The investigation undertaken by the Police...

    Keywords: cmj university caught in fraudulent phds guilt, university issuing fraudulent phds, indian university phds scam, national crime news

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    sex are lawfully married in india, national news headline, couple undergoing sex are logically married in india, National news headline

    Couple undergoing sex are logically married in India? 21 June 2013

    If a person can prove that he or she had sex with another, a Family Court will declare the marriage to be logical - whether the other person approves or not, according to the  judge. Indian court implemented regulation governing...

    Keywords: exploiting our national heritage and culture, sex are lawfully married in india, couple sex and divorce, sexual relationships

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    Santosh Chowdhary, Indian Railways minister, congressman mallikarjun kharge new railways minister, National news headline

    Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge new Railways Minister 18 June 2013

    The news that has come into prominence from official sources was about Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge who will be the new Indian Railways minister at the same time Rajasthan MP Girija Vyas will provide a substitute to Ajay Maken as the...

    Keywords: Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge, Oscar Fernandes, Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge new Railways Minister, new Railways Minister

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    burning the fuel, investment in power generation., india permits price elevation in coal based power, National news headline

    India permits price elevation in coal based power! 21 June 2013

    India has determined to give permission to power companies to pass on the costs of foreign coal to customers, a minister said, a move likely to raise up imports as well as investment in power generation, on the contrary bringing...

    Keywords: price rise in coal based power, india news, expensive coal imports, india news

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    fake currency, fake currency, counterfeited currency notes deposited in atm, National news headline

    Counterfeited currency notes deposited in ATM! 25 May 2013

    HDFC Bank on 23rd May was known to have handed over to the local police fake currency notes worth exceeding Rs 3.60 lakh which have been deposited in the bank's various ATMs in the district, as explained by the police....

    Keywords: national news headline, thana, national news updates, untrue currency notes deposited in atm

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    amazon  internet shopping, e – shopping, amazon initiates new internet shopping site in india, National news headline

    Amazon initiates new Internet shopping site in India! 05 June 2013

    A new Internet shopping site have been initiated by online retail legend Amazon on Wednesday while provoking existing crucial competition in the rapidly growing "e-tail" market. Now, coming to the new site, would be offering books, movies at the...

    Keywords: retail model in india, amazon online shopping portal, indian retail market, indian retail market

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    non-performing assets at lenders, indian central bank, rbi governor subbarao all applicants cant be bestowed bank licences, National news headline

    RBI Governor Subbarao : all applicants cant be bestowed bank licences! 04 July 2013

    The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Governor Duvvuri Subbarao announced on Thursday that every companies who possess eligibility that have applied for bank licences will be bestowed one. Beforehand this week, the RBI said it had received 26 applications for...

    Keywords: national news headline, national news headline, mandatory cash reserves, non-performing assets at lenders

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    hepatitis a, dengue fever, kerala shivering with intense fever, National news headline

    Kerala shivering with intense fever! 07 June 2013

    Due to the reach of the south-west monsoon ready in action in Kerala previous week, quickened to act as occasion demands for the Keralites to reach out for umbrellas as well as warm clothes, on the contrary a range of...

    Keywords: communicable diseases in kerala, kerala trembling, hepatitis a, national news headline

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    India news headline, heavy monsoon in Mumbai, multi storey apartment broken down in mumbai, National news headline

    Multi-storey apartment broken-down in Mumbai! 11 June 2013

    A multi-storey apartment block known to have broken-down in the Mahim area in central Mumbai while arousing threatening danger of having people trapped inside. The incident occurred on Monday evening which was on the preceding day of heavy monsoon rains...

    Keywords: Mumbai news, Mahim, heavy monsoon rains, heavy monsoon in Mumbai

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    indian government declines talks with maoist revolt, indian news update, indian government declines talks with maoist revolt, National news headline

    Indian government declines talks with Maoist revolt 28 May 2013

    The Indian government on Tuesday ruled out peace talks with Maoist revolt who killed 24 people in a daring attack over the weekend in an eastern state. Furthermore, Indian Junior Home Minister RPN Singh explained that the government had offered...

    Keywords: indian government, maoists, national news headline, maoists

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    madhya pradesh civil services, child bride victims, child marriage is mortifying, National news headline

    Child marriage is mortifying! 31 May 2013

    Ratnarashi had to undergo distress yet she never turned back Ratnarashi Pande who happens to be a woman from Bhopal known to have unyieldingly fought as well have won a court war for all child bride victims the right to...

    Keywords: high court, crime news, congress party, crime news

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    national news update, women in cricket, scandalous feat revealed through cctv footage, National news headline

    Scandalous feat revealed through CCTV footage! 27 May 2013

    While having it as an attachment to the prominent factor that that women were used to win over the IPL spot-fixing trio, CCTV footage from a 5-star hotel in Chandigarh, which was shown on television, has exposed the presence of...

    Keywords: national news update, sreesanth, scandalous act in cricket, cricket scam news

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    apex court, yerawada jail, sanjay dutt experiences home food ban, National news headline

    Sanjay Dutt experiences home food ban! 28 May 2013

    On 27th May 2013, Yerawada jail authorities were known to have moved an entitled TADA court in Mumbai against allowing home food to actor Sanjay Dutt confirming the prison manual which does not provide for extension of such a facility....

    Keywords: indian crime news, yerawada jail, national crime news, yerawada jail pune

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    Violent lightning, Bihar  lightning, furious lightning caused many deaths in bihar, National news headline

    Furious lightning caused many deaths in Bihar! 06 June 2013

    An official of the state Disaster Management Department informed about a furious lightning that stroked crosswise Bihar in the past 24 hours at the same time have caused death to at least 27 people inclusive of three women and six...

    Keywords: Violent lightning, Bihar news, Violent lightning, Rohtas

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    human development index, national news headline, world bank manifests commitment for bihar s development, National news headline

    World Bank manifests commitment for Bihar's development! 27 May 2013

    Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was  known to have been called on by a World Bank team at the same time discussed overall development in Bihar in addition to the progress of those schemes being sponsored by the international lender. The...

    Keywords: child marriage in india, child marriage in india, world bank team, world bank expresses commitment for bihar development

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