Mumbai rape

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  • Delhi gang rape, alarm, cops plot to nab social media activists what about rapists, Mumbai rape

    Cops plot to nab social media activists. What about rapists? 15 March 2013

    While the Mumbai police were putting the finishing touches to a fundamental new plan of keeping track on activists using social media, shockingly two brutal rapes panicked the city. Coming Saturday onwards the police will be able to track in...

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    indian photographer gang-raped, indian photographer gang-raped, mumbai rape victim faints in court, Mumbai rape

    Mumbai rape victim faints in court 18 October 2013

    Rape in itself is a horrifying ordeal. When a vitim is made to relive it again and again, it takes a toll. The reports brought into prominence the fact that an Indian photographer gang-raped in Mumbai in a case that...

    Keywords: indian photographer gang-raped, central mumbai, pti, central mumbai

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