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  • Ramesh babau Barber, Barber owns Rolls royce, rolls royce owner bangalore barber, Luxury cars

    Rolls Royce owner Bangalore Barber 06 December 2011

    If you want a “good haircut”, Ramesh Babu can give you one for Rs 65. That is, if he hasn’t already driven off in his Rs 3-crore Rolls Royce Ghost. Babu, after all, is no ordinary barber. He is a...

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    BMW cars, Mercedes Benz sales, mercedes benz takes top spot over audi, Luxury cars

    Mercedes Benz takes top spot over Audi 13 August 2013

    In July 2013, Mercedes Benz has finally broken a long spell by taking the numero uno spot in the luxury cars market in terms of sales. Mercedes has overtaken Audi as the most sold car last month, reaching the top...

    Keywords: Mercedes product offensive., Mercedes Benz, Audi cars, Mercedes Benz

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    maharashtra, chakan, audi s big india dreams, Luxury cars

    Audi's "big" India dreams! 09 July 2013

    German luxury car makers Audi, owned by the Volkswagen Group, might start manufacturing cars in India very soon. This certainly spells good news for Audi fans as that could bring down its prices considerably, making it easier for aspiring Indians...

    Keywords: luxury cars, chakan, maharashtra, suv

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