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  • Love Hormone makes you lie, Oxytocin, love hormone makes you lie, Life style news

    Love Hormone makes you lie 09 April 2014

    It is carried in a study that 'Love Hormone' Oxytocin makes an individual to lie and promotes dishonesty to benefit their group. The Ben-Gurion University researchers have found out that Oxytocin is a peptide of nine amino acids produced in...

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    happiness, Sad, get happy in 10 minutes, Life style news

    Get happy in 10 minutes 06 January 2014

    Not just life,but even our mood is equally unpredictable and baffling at times. The best way to fight these mood swings is to try and stay cheerful. We tell you three tried-and-tested way to lighten up your mood and be...

    Keywords: Sad, Life Style News, Nature, Close to Nature

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    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Large eyes, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Life style news

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: Large eyes, make your eyes appear wider, Thick eyelashes, Makeup tricks

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    Airtel new ad, Airtel, airtel ad sparks uproar, Life style news

    Airtel ad sparks uproar! 31 July 2014

    The new commercial of Airtel, the largest telecom service provider of the country has irked many and was claimed as demoralising stuff. The commercial goes like this, a working woman reaches home and cooks for husband. She does a video...

    Keywords: Airtel tv ads, Airtel new ad, Airtel tvc, Airtel

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    anxiety level, smartphone gaming app, an app to control your anxiety, Life style news

    An App to control your anxiety 20 March 2014

    Scientists claim that playing a science-based smartphone gaming app for just 25 minutes can reduce anxiety in stressed individuals and so an application [App] for controlling anxiety is getting developed. The app is being developed based on an emerging cognitive...

    Keywords: anxiety level, An App to control your anxiety, application to control anxiety, attention-bias modification training

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    good luck, lord buddha, how lucky is buddha for your home, Life style news

    How lucky is Buddha for your home? 31 January 2014

    Regarded as a lucky charm, the 'Budai' or 'Laughing Buddha' as he is commonly called as, is perhaps one of the most adored and adorned Feng Shui symbols in most homes. But it would be wrong to mistake the cheerful...

    Keywords: lord buddha, prosperity, Lifestyle, hotei

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