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  • sick leaves, sick leaves, indians take second highest sick leaves in the world, Life balance

    Indians take second highest sick leaves in the world 08 September 2011

    The Australian workforce managers Kronos delivered stunning results in their survey conducted on employees availing sick leaves and India was noted as the second worst country in the world when it comes to workers availing of sick leave, even when...

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    Lifestyle, shopping, busy is as busy does organize it, Life balance

    Busy is as busy does. Organize it. 06 July 2013

    Busy ladies never seems to complete the chores on the list. The weekend comes and the weekend goes. And so does the free time. To have more 'me' time your hands, take these useful pointers to onganize the weekend. Get...

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    work balance, life balance, work life balance for a peaceful life, Life balance

    Work life balance for a peaceful life... 01 November 2012

    There are countless books and talk shows that are dedicated to the subject of work or life balance. We are told that we need to achieve this balance, otherwise our lives will be, well, unbalanced. Instead of viewing "balance" as...

    Keywords: flexibility in work, work stress, success, balanced life.

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