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  • how to store in fresh containers, clever kitchen tips, 10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks, Kitchen tips

    10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks 22 April 2015

    Cooking is easy to some people but for some it will be a tricky task. Following some simple tips of cooking will make it easier. Here are some tips that could be useful for the modern women to save time....

    Keywords: how to store in fresh containers, clever kitchen tips, how to reduce smell on hands after chopping, how to detect fresh eggs

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    kitchen tips, Beef stew, beef stew home made dog food, Kitchen tips

    Beef stew: Home made dog food 09 May 2016

    Have you ever felt that, even your dog needs an enough care and healthy food, just like you need. Then here is the recipe of Beef stew, a perfect healthy food for the dogs. Preparation time:  10 minsCooking time:  25 mins Ingredients...

    Keywords: homemade dog food, kitchen tips, Beef stew, kitchen tips

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    tips kitchen scraps, kitchen scraps tips, 5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps, Kitchen tips

    5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps 03 May 2016

    Passionate about art work, but not able to allocate time, being busy in the kitchen? No issues, you can still bring out that zeal in you for the art, in the kitchen too, through the scraps. Here are the five...

    Keywords: food tips, food tips, kitchen scraps tips, kitchen scraps tips

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    vegetables, fatty, kitchen tips, Kitchen tips

    Kitchen Tips 06 April 2013

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves chopping ingredients which are sticky be it fish, garlic or anything similar and have that mucous like substance spewing from the vegetable. Once you are done cooking, your fingers are a mess, covered in a glue...

    Keywords: fatty, grime, gluey foods, gluey foods

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    Tips for fast cooking, Tips for fast cooking, magic mantras for fast cooking, Kitchen tips

    Magic mantras for fast cooking 17 October 2013

    In the kitchen, there are many ways one can cook up some magic. From impressing that special someone to making a nice dish for a pleasant evening, there are various reasons for looking up a recipe. For all the planning,...

    Keywords: Tips to cook fast, Kitchen mantras, Tips for fast cooking, Tips to cook fast

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