• Akhay Kumar and Asin, Salman khan and Ranbir kapoor, street smart heroines of b town, Khiladi

    Street smart heroines of B -Town! 18 June 2012

    Akshay Kumar and Asin in ‘Khiladi 786’, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor still in favor of their ex Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan is no doubt wooed by his Safeena Kareena Kapoor, but the Actor shows keen interest in casting...

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    Khiladi updates, Khiladi shooting updates, ravi teja s khiladi release date announced, Khiladi

    Ravi Teja's Khiladi Release Date Announced 30 January 2021

    Ravi Teja's Khiladi Release Date Announced:- Mass Raja Ravi Teja is quite a busy actor and has a strong lineup of projects. He was criticized for his poor script selection and the actor bounced back with a bang with Krack...

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    actor aksay kumar, joker, akki a true khiladi, Khiladi

    Akki... a true Khiladi... 14 March 2013

    Apart from proving himself as a successful Actor, irrespective of huge competition from other co - stars, managing to make many of his films a success, Akshay Kumar also proved himself as a true businessman with the success and kind...

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    , , khiladi 786, Khiladi

    Khiladi 786

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    latest bollywood gossips, akshay kumar, khiladi is out of the khel in pakistan, Khiladi

    Khiladi is out of the 'Khel' in Pakistan..! 06 December 2012

    Unnecessary political innervation in Bollywood films has become quiet common these days, the films seem to stir up controversy after controversy even before it's release. These days films are facing the sharp censor scissors more than ever, making them to...

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    , , khiladi first look, Khiladi

    Khiladi First Look

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    Asin in khiladi 786, Asin akshay kumar, asin getting married to an nri, Khiladi

    Asin getting married to an NRI??? 05 March 2013

    The news is the talk of South film Industry as well as B - Town now. People say, this could be the actual reason for the actress not accepting any project post the success of her 'Khiladi 786', last year...

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    , , khiladi trailer, Khiladi

    Khiladi trailer

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    Khiladi, Anasuya Bharadwaj in Khiladi, anasuya bharadwaj gets a challenging role in khiladi, Khiladi

    Anasuya Bharadwaj gets a Challenging Role in Khiladi 11 November 2020

    Anasuya Bharadwaj gets a Challenging Role in Khiladi:- Anasuya Bharadwaj is one of the highest-paid anchors of small screen. The actress slowly made her moves towards films and made it big. Her performance in films like Rangasthalam and Kshanam fetched...

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    Arjun next Telugu movie, Ravi Teja, arjun turns lead antagonist for ravi teja, Khiladi

    Arjun Turns Lead Antagonist For Ravi Teja 02 December 2020

    Arjun Turns Lead Antagonist For Ravi Teja:- Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja hasn't tasted success in the past three years. The actor is still lined up with a series of films. Ravi Teja recently completed the shoot of his upcoming movie...

    Keywords: Krack, Arjun latest, Arjun new movie, Arjun next Telugu movie

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    Ravi Teja dual role, Ravi Teja new film, ravi teja to thrill in a dual role, Khiladi

    Ravi Teja to thrill in a Dual Role 22 February 2021

    Ravi Teja to thrill in a Dual Role:- Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja tasted his career's biggest hit with Krack that releases for Sankranthi. Ravi Teja made a perfect comeback with this film and he is shooting for his next film...

    Keywords: Ravi Teja next film, Ravi Teja next movie, Ravi Teja latest updates, Krack

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    Ravi Teja Khiladi details, Ravi Teja Khiladi latest, ravi teja s khiladi launched, Khiladi

    Ravi Teja's Khiladi Launched 19 October 2020

    Ravi Teja's Khiladi Launched:- Mass Raja Ravi Teja is shattered with back to back flops. But the actor has a strong line up of films. He is currently shooting for Krack, an action entertainer in the direction of Gopichand Malineni....

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    Khiladi 786, Khiladi 786, akshay s rs 3 lakh shoes, Khiladi

    Akshay's Rs 3 lakh shoes..! 30 November 2012

    Akshay Kumar may be known to have the biggest foot size (a size 12) among the men in the industry and has custom-made shoes but little did one know that he'd be ready to shell out a whopping amount over...

    Keywords: Akshay Kumar Christian Louboutin shoes, Khiladi 786, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar rs 3 lakh shoes

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