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  • H-1B Visas, H-1B updates, 50 drop in h 1b filings from indians, It companies

    50% Drop In H-1B Filings From Indians 04 April 2018

    50% Drop In H-1B Filings From Indians:- With the stringent immigration rules imposed after American President Donald Trump took charge, the number of H-1B petitions filed witnessed huge dropdown. With the tough environment created, Indian IT companies reached all time...

    Keywords: H-1B filings, H-1B filings, H-1B updates, H-1B filings

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    H1-B Visa News, United States Citizenship, h1 b visa temporarily suspended, It companies

    H1-B Visa Temporarily Suspended 04 March 2017

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has suspended the premium processing for all H-1B petitions starting from April 3. It is said to be a temporary suspension on the premium processing of H-1B but, it is expected to...

    Keywords: Indian IT Companies, Donald Trump, Indian IT Companies, Donald Trump

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    IT Companies, Aarogyasri, tita sends representation to it companies on layoff woes, It companies

    TITA Sends Representation To IT Companies On Layoff Woes 17 May 2017

    The Telangana IT Association (TITA) has sent a representation to the IT companies listing out a slew of measures that should be taken by the companies and the state government. This move is taken in view of the layoffs in...

    Keywords: IT Companies, Aarogyasri, TITA, Aarogyasri

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    Corporate tax relief latest, Nirmala Sitharaman, corporate tax relief for domestic companies announced, It companies

    Corporate Tax Relief for Domestic Companies Announced 20 September 2019

    Corporate Tax Relief for Domestic Companies Announced:- It may be a surprise but the Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a tax relief for domestic companies. The corporate tax has been slashed from 30% to 22%. This is a huge...

    Keywords: Corporate tax relief rules, Corporate tax relief, Corporate tax relief rules, Corporate tax relief latest

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    Taiyuan Zero Point Technology Company, KFC, kfc to sue chinese companies for fictitious allegations, It companies

    KFC to sue Chinese companies for fictitious allegations 19 June 2015

    The biggest restaurant operator in China, KFC said that it will sue all the three companies for spreading rumors on social media against it. KFC asked for 1.5 million yuan ($242,000) and unconditional apologies from each of the companies, who...

    Keywords: Shanxi Weilukuang Technology Company, KFC, Shanxi Weilukuang Technology Company, KFC

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    Aadhaar card, Aadhaar latest, rs 1 cr fine and jail for companies insisting for aadhaar, It companies

    Rs 1 Cr Fine And Jail For Companies Insisting For Aadhaar 20 December 2018

    Rs 1 Cr Fine And Jail For Companies Insisting For Aadhaar:- The Telecom companies and banks who are insisting on Aadhaar as the major or sole identity or the address proof will soon be booked. Aadhaar is not mandatory to...

    Keywords: Aadhaar misuse, Aadhaar misuse, Aadhaar fines, Aadhaar updates

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    National Physical Laboratory, Peter Whibberley, 61 seconds in a minute leap second chaos tech companies on alert, It companies

    61 Seconds in a Minute, ‘Leap second' chaos - Tech companies on alert 30 June 2015

    Today the 30th June 2015, at midnight clocks will pause momentarily as the entire planet gains a bonus second. If you are gazing at the dial on an atomic clock, it will read 23:59:60 before ticking forward to 00.00.00. The...

    Keywords: leap second, National Physical Laboratory, National Physical Laboratory, National Physical Laboratory

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    Petrol and Diesel next, Oil Ministries, oil companies to share the burden after petrol and diesel prices to be slashed, It companies

    Oil Companies To Share The Burden After Petrol And Diesel Prices To Be Slashed 23 May 2018

    Oil Companies To Share The Burden After Petrol And Diesel Prices To Be Slashed:- The fuel prices in the country reached all time high and the Centre has been facing the heat. The fuel prices will be slashed by Rs...

    Keywords: the Finance Ministry, Petrol and Diesel updates, Petrol and Diesel news, Petrol and Diesel

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    Visa, Visa, america barred 13 companies from applying for visa, It companies

    America Barred 13 companies from applying for Visa 01 June 2015

    With increasing demand for US Visas, America is thinking to make the process more stringent. As a part of that, it has now blacklisted as many as 13 companies and now those are barred from applying for Visa. At least...

    Keywords: USA, USA, USA, United States of America

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    AP capital, Amaravthi AP capital, domestic and foreign companies to back amaravathi, It companies

    Domestic and foreign companies to back Amaravathi 03 October 2015

    To build the new capital of Andhra Pradesh at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has decided to involve domestic and foreign construction companies too. Yesterday, in Guntur, Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated an exhibition organized by AP Real Estate Development...

    Keywords: AP capital, Amaravathi capital launching, Amaravathi capital launching, Amaravathi capital launching

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    AP news, AP news, naidu countered them with local companies, It companies

    Naidu countered them with local companies! 02 December 2015

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is about to procure funds from the central government for a few of the important constructions in AP new capital Amaravati, to be constructed by the Indian companies. It is well known that, Chandrababu...

    Keywords: Naidu encourages local companies for Amaravati, Amaravati capital construction, Amaravati capital construction, AP news

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    Karti Chidambaram, FIPB, ed sends notices to 19 firms besides inx linked to karti chidambaram companies, It companies

    ED Sends Notices To 19 Firms, Besides INX Linked To Karti Chidambaram Companies 17 May 2017

    The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has sent notices to 19 firms, besides INX Media that did business with former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram’s two companies - the Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited (ASCPL) and Chess Management Services....

    Keywords: CBI, ASCPL, CBI, Karti Chidambaram

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    Humans of Bombay, Facebook, 16 years old becomes ceo of two companies, It companies

    16 years old becomes CEO of two Companies 18 June 2015

    We must have seen many Facebook posts that feature the world’s famous college dropouts. The list stretches from the Hollywood A listers like James Cameron, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, and Tom Hanks to the Titans of the Inudstry who made...

    Keywords: Facebook, Humans of Bombay, Humans of Bombay, Humans of Bombay

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    Hackers, Hacking, 50 hyderabad it companies accounts hacked by pak hackers, It companies

    50 Hyderabad IT Companies Accounts Hacked by Pak Hackers 14 October 2016

    The Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) comprising Hyderabad's top IT companies and police said on Thursday that "at least 50 information technology companies have come under a wave of cyber attacks from Pakistan-based hackers over the past 10 days."...

    Keywords: investigation, Society for Cyberabad Security Council, Hyderabad, Pakistan

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    AP capital, AP capital, singapore companies bid for ap capital soon, It companies

    Singapore companies bid for AP capital soon 23 July 2015

    For the construction of new capital for Andhra Pradesh in Amaravathi, many Singapore companies are trying to collaborate with the AP government.It is known that, the AP government already received a master plan for the capital construction at Amaravathi. But, as...

    Keywords: Amaravathi, Amaravathi, Singapore companies, AP capital

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    H-1B visa, NASSCOM, h 1b visa get cheaper indian it companies rejoice, It companies

    H-1B visa get cheaper, Indian IT companies rejoice 02 October 2015

    In a big relief for Indian IT cos US Congress lets ‘discriminatory’ outsourcing H-1B fee to lapse. The “discriminatory” USD 2,000 H-1B fee, which was mostly imposed on Indian IT companies has now lapsed in a Republican-majority US Congress.“It had...

    Keywords: Indian IT companies, H-1B visa, NASSCOM, H-1B visa

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    transgender, transgender, many companies accepting lgbts, It companies

    Many companies accepting LGBTs 30 July 2016

    At every step in his life, be it education or career, Apekshit Khare had faced obstructions and a stigma. In a country where homosexuality is criminalized and where the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) community faces discrimination and...

    Keywords: lesbian, Godrej Group, Godrej Group, Godrej Group

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    Hyderabad companies in panama papers, Hyderabad news, panama papers at least 30 hyderabad companies included, It companies

    Panama Papers: At least 30 Hyderabad companies included 11 May 2016

    30 registered companies in Hyderabad and other areas of Telangana, including BHEL, MIG Ramachandrapuram and Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, are mentioned in Panama Papers. Adding to this, after conducting the verification, most of the addresses were found to be ordinary...

    Keywords: Hyderabad companies in panama papers, Hyderabad news, Hyderabad news, Panama papers latest updates

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    Jeff Williams, N Chandrababu Naidu, ap cm meets top executives of tech companies in us, It companies

    AP CM Meets Top Executives Of Tech Companies In US 08 May 2017

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, met yesterday top executives of some of the world’s largest tech giants and sought investments from them in his state. The much anticipated Apple Inc thrust into AP got a boost on...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Investments, Andhra Pradesh

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    Fossil, Walt Disney, us government goes tough on indian it outsourcing companies on immigration violations, It companies

    US government goes tough on Indian IT outsourcing companies on immigration violations 15 June 2015

    U.S. government is investigating two Indian outsourcing firms and a California power company regarding whether they have  violated U S labor and immigration laws by replacing American workers with foreigners on temporary work visas. The Labor Department said that it...

    Keywords: Walt Disney, Walt Disney, Fossil, Fossil

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