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  • indian government, national news update, indian government declines talks with maoist revolt, Indian crime news

    Indian government declines talks with Maoist revolt 28 May 2013

    The Indian government on Tuesday ruled out peace talks with Maoist revolt who killed 24 people in a daring attack over the weekend in an eastern state. Furthermore, Indian Junior Home Minister RPN Singh explained that the government had offered...

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    criminal trial, delhi gang rape trial, even fast track justice moves laboriously, Indian crime news

    Even fast-track justice moves laboriously 08 August 2013

    The government expressed assurance to swift justice subsequent to the gang rape of a young university student on a moving bus in New Delhi lately preceding year ignited nationwide gross violence. On the contrary, speed is relative in a legal...

    Keywords: delhi gang rape trial at a tortoise pace, delhi gang rape trial, indian crime news., indian violence

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    national news headline, 1993 mumbai serial blasts case, sanjay dutt experiences home food ban, Indian crime news

    Sanjay Dutt experiences home food ban! 28 May 2013

    On 27th May 2013, Yerawada jail authorities were known to have moved an entitled TADA court in Mumbai against allowing home food to actor Sanjay Dutt confirming the prison manual which does not provide for extension of such a facility....

    Keywords: yerawada prison, yerawada jail pune, sanjay dutt, yerawada jail

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    indian fake university scam, shillong, cmj university caught in fraudulent phds guilt, Indian crime news

    CMJ University caught in fraudulent PhDs guilt! 05 June 2013

    CMJ University in the northeastern state of Meghalaya have been under doubt of deliberate deception while issuing fraudulent PhDs. Furthermore, the university was declared to have awarded exceeding 400 doctorates on one year time. The investigation undertaken by the Police...

    Keywords: indian fake university scam, meghalaya, indian fake university scam, fraudulent phds guilt

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    us tourist gang-rape, gang-rape, american girl in india suffers injurious action, Indian crime news

    American girl in India suffers injurious action! 06 June 2013

    The three men were seized by the Police on Thursday who were engaged in the gang-rape of a US tourist along with violent abuse after the 30-year-old American was picked up by three men in a truck on Monday night...

    Keywords: indian crime news, indian crime news, us tourist gang-rape, manali

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