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    5 Skin Care Tips for Winter 04 November 2013

    The cool breeze of winter is soothing to your senses but can cause havoc to your skin. This winter, follow these simple 5 tips to prevent dryness, cracking and irritation and enjoy beautiful skin even in the cold months. 5...

    Keywords: exfoliation, skin care, hydration, beautiful and glowing skin

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    muslims  in dubai., masafi ceo reginald randall, dh10 000 1 5 litre bottle of precious water, Hydration

    Dh10,000 1.5 litre bottle of precious water! 30 July 2013

    The prominent figure of Dh10,000 as an expense by Tony Youssef, businessman from Dubai makes it a matter to move ahead resulting being an actual surprise. Tony Youssef have mounted nearing about 6,000 multiplied cost valuation keeping in mind the...

    Keywords: muslims in dubai., dh10, ramadan in dubai, 000 1.5 litre bottle of precious water

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    skin hydration, skin hydration, keep drinking this beauty secret, Hydration

    Keep drinking this beauty secret 17 September 2013

    Drinking your way to a beautiful skin sounds very simple, we agree. But, there are some who find it very hard to have more than a liter of water a day. Check out these easy breezy methods to get more...

    Keywords: health benefits of water, how to drink more water, benefits of water on skin, health benefits of water

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    women health, diet for pregnant, morning sickness in the first half of pregnancy, Hydration

    Morning Sickness in the first half of Pregnancy! 23 November 2012

    In the first half of pregnancy, feeling sick or nauseated is quite common, as is vomiting. The degree of nausea and vomiting differs from woman to woman. You may just feel a little sick in the morning and throw up...

    Keywords: healthy food, nauseated, pregnant women, dehydration

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    radiation, get tired, getting tires easily, Hydration

    Getting tires??? Easily??? 18 March 2013

    Are you getting tired easily these days? are you unable to concentrate on your work and retain the same energy and concentration levels till the work is completed? Then it is a time to change your life style and daily...

    Keywords: relaxation, work load, concentration levels, de hydration

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    spend healthy day, relaxation, are you not spending a healthy day, Hydration

    Are you not spending a healthy day? 18 April 2013

    Despite of spending hours together in the gym or being perfect in your daily routine, you are not able to reduce that extra weight and most important, stay active??? These could be the reasons... Of course, this season will increase...

    Keywords: stay active, relaxation, de-hydration, healthy day

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    Women News, dehydration, air travel tips for pregnant women, Hydration

    Air Travel Tips for Pregnant Women 06 January 2014

    If pregnancy is regenerative for your body, mind and soul, so is vacationing. However, pregnant moms often have some reservations on traveling far and for obvious reasons. If air travel is a concern for you, we bring you three expert...

    Keywords: dehydration, women health, Tips for Pregnant Women, pregnant women

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    Hydrate your hands 27 June 2013

    Every one having good-looking hands in young age. To maintain hands healthy and clean we need to hydrate hands all times. You should drink plenty of water to make certain that your skin is moisturized from inside. Purchase a hand...

    Keywords: hands and nails, good looking hands, soap for hand wash., nail care

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    Beauty tips, Beauty tips, mirror mirror which beauty secret is the best, Hydration

    Mirror mirror, which beauty secret is the best? 24 September 2013

    In the eternal quest for ethereal beauty, we indulge in countless tips to do the trick. That magical aura of loveliness is the result of not thousands but only a few religiously followed rituals. To know which beauty secret is...

    Keywords: healthy lifestyle, stress free lifestyle, beauty and hydration, radiant skin

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