Dh10,000 1.5 litre bottle of precious water!

July 30, 2013 14:44
Dh10,000 1.5 litre bottle of precious water!

The prominent figure of Dh10,000 as an expense by Tony Youssef, businessman from Dubai makes it a matter to move ahead resulting being an actual surprise. Tony Youssef have mounted nearing about 6,000 multiplied cost valuation keeping in mind the present time price. Even though Tony Youssef is delighted with the 1.5 litre bottle of precious water costing Dh10,000.

The CEO of marketing and consultancy company Ecocube was the winning bidder in an online auction which launched a collaboration between charity Dubai Cares as well as water company Masafi, to provide quality primary education to children in developing countries.  Youssef joked that he don’t know if a Dh10,000 bottle of water is going to taste any different. Youssef said he understood it was one of the most expensive bottles of water sold in the world and it was the most expensive for them.  

Tony Youssef

Tony Youssef, businessman from Dubai

At approximately 30 millilitres per mouthful, each mouth of hydration works out at a cost of Dh200. The bottles are usually sold at major retailers for about Dh1.75. Though he won the auction several weeks ago, the pricey water had not yet been downed, accompanied by Youssef expressing he wanted to share the bottle amongst his company’s employees when the time was right. Youssef  added that it’s not the bottle itself, it’s the entire action that is special for him...It’s where this money is going at the same time what they are going to do with it. There’s nothing special inside the bottle itself. Youssef, who is originally from Lebanon yet had lived for many years in Germany as well, said it was delightful to see so many charitable initiatives taking place in the country precisely during the holy month of Ramadan. They in Dubai are having a very good time, they can eat, they can drink, they can have clean water, they can have security at the same time good schools. There are places around the world that are missing all those things therefore it's great if people support those charities due to the reason that they need to make a difference. While he is not a Muslim himself, Youssef said he did not believe Ramadan was just for Muslims, but was a good occasion for everyone to reflect on the generosity which characterises the holy month. Precisely during Ramadan this is a good time to donate. There are a lot of people doing good for neighbours and friends, it is a month of giving. It would be great if people are using this month to donate money.

Nevertheless, he said it was important to confirm the cause and charity to which donations were made was a rewarding one accompanying Dubai Cares doing good things all around the world. This was a great readiness and ability in initiating action what Masafi as well as Dubai Cares have committed. In fact, Dubai Cares help a lot of schools for them therefore they wanted to be a part of that. Interestingly, unfortunate bidders were invited to make a donation to the two-month “Thank You” campaign anyway, accompanied by the campaign also saw some of the forwarding of the sale of water bottles proclaimed with the words added to the fundraising which collectively rose to a total of Dh32,507. Masafi CEO Reginald Randall thanked all those who contributed to the campaign. They are well updated of how precious water is to the community in the UAE and the region, and they are beyond delighted to have found that the wider public of the UAE along with the region share these values and were ready to show it through a noble act of contributing through the online auction or choosing Masafi in the supermarket.

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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