Husband kills wife

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  • husband kills wife., domestic abuse in Hyderabad, live in or marriage two women paid the price, Husband kills wife

    Live in or marriage, two women paid the price 10 September 2013

    One was married and the other was in a live in relationship with her so-called lover. Regardless, both women paid the price for trusting a man with blinded eyes. Two crimes have been separately reported to the police, but they...

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    woman cooks husband body parts, husband kills wife., woman stressed after boiling husband in pressure cooker, Husband kills wife

    Woman stressed after boiling husband in pressure cooker 11 September 2013

    A woman in China, acting on pure rage, fought back against her abusive husband by torturing him and killing him. That didn't cool her anger. She also cut him up with a saw and boiled the dismembered body parts in...

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    Vijayawada, Shirdi Lodge, husband kills wife in lodge, Husband kills wife

    Husband Kills Wife In Lodge 30 November 2013

    Govind and Sujatha, a couple from Nellore district went to Vijayawada to get blessings of Kanaka Durga on Thursday. They stayed at Shirdi Lodge near old bus stand. They did have a darshan of Durga on Friday. On the night...

    Keywords: Man Kills Wife in Lodge, Shirdi Lodge, Man Kills Wife in Vijayawada, Vijayawada Lodge murder case

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    , double murder, husband kills wife and son, Husband kills wife

    Husband kills wife and son 15 September 2012

    In a flagitious crime, a ruthless father had killed his wife and his own son in Patna, the police reported. The daughter who had been to school fortunately had been saved from the incident. The incident took place on Thursday...

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