• kareena kapoor, kareena kapoor hair style, bebo s step to make her hair stylist happy, Hair style

    Bebo's step to make her hair stylist happy... 25 March 2013

    Just not the stars but their make-up artists, hair stylists and also the dress designers, fitness trainers are equally famous. Thanks to the stars that ensure special treatment to their staff... Kareena's hair stylist pompy was is news recently. According...

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    dandruff hair, women hair styles, 20 home remedies for your hair, Hair style

    20 home remedies for your hair 26 November 2012

    You cannot rush to a spa, beauty salon, or trichoilogist to fix recurring bad hair days every single day. Instead, your kitchen is full of ingredients that will make your tresses silky smooth, strong and beautiful. The bonus: Unlike professional...

    Keywords: oil hair, hair, tips for hair style, normal hair

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    beauty tips, Style tips, these 5 hair styles cuts your age by 50, Hair style

    These 5 hair styles cuts your age by 50% 06 June 2015

    The older we get, the younger we try to be. Generally, we try to earn those looks through the way we dress, or getting habituated to trendy things. But compared to all of them, there is one more choice, in...

    Keywords: beauty tips, hair tips, hair tips, hair tips

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    bad weather spoil your hairstyle, bad weather spoil your hairstyle, don t let bad weather spoil your hairstyle, Hair style

    Don't let bad weather spoil your hairstyle 09 October 2012

    Having a bad hair day? You are not alone-the changing season and the excess moisture in the air leave our hair heavy and limp. Since there's not much you can do about it, why not make the most of the...

    Keywords: bad weather spoil your hairstyle, curls will return soon, During this season, curls will return soon

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    leading, straightened, add life to your hair this monsoon, Hair style

    Add life to your hair this monsoon! 19 June 2012

    Welcome to the season of monsoon... this is a time when your requires that extra care, to avoid hair fall and split ends, that put together, leading to a lifeless hair... add life to your hair with these tips; Firstly,...

    Keywords: leading, straightened, hair style, extra care

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    perfect haircut, Hair, do you need a haircut now, Hair style

    Do you need a haircut now? 16 December 2013

    Whether you have got split ends or shedding hair like a dog or or your hair is just under the weather, a quick, stylish snip could solve all your mane woes in a snap. If you have been putting off...

    Keywords: Hair, hair style, hair cut, hair care

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    understanding women, understanding women, understand your women, Hair style

    understand your women 01 December 2012

    Just as Woman want to know how a guy reacts, what he thinks, his likes and dislikes... similar in the case of guys... So guys forget about to know what women like... just know some turn offs of women in...

    Keywords: understanding women, appreciate women, beauty, man women likes and dislikes

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    hair style for woman, healthier and strong first, for a right growth in hair density, Hair style

    For a right growth in hair density! 13 June 2012

    It is so true... for your hair to be long, it has to be healthier and strong first... just don't worry about your hair losing its density... here are some tips you can follow to improve your hair’s density; The...

    Keywords: You shuld apply better oil on your hair, dandruff treatments, You shuld apply better oil on your hair, healthier and strong first

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    , home remedies, simple hair care tips, Hair style

    Simple hair care tips: 01 December 2012

    It is everyone's desire to have lively glowing hair full of life, just like in the movie. However, it has always been restricted to the movies and the magazines in most cases. Apart from the Photoshop beauty, such hair care...

    Keywords: have hair style, , hair care tips, warm water

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    fashion, styles, 5 hair styles for curly hair, Hair style

    5 Hair Styles for Curly Hair 27 September 2016

    Sometimes girls with curly hair get bored with their wavy locks. Here we have some trendy looks for to carry hair either on a party or on a lunch date. These hairstyles are easy to do at their home without spending...

    Keywords: lifestyle, Curly Hair, Curly Hair, fashion

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    hair dyes, excessive loss of hair, hair loss not a reason to worry, Hair style

    Hair loss?? Not a reason to worry! 05 May 2012

    Forget about hair growth, are you striving to protect your hair from hair loss?? Then check out some tips that would actually work in fighting against hair loss; Overuse of hair dyes, hairdryer and curling iron can aggravate the problem...

    Keywords: fight against hair loss, Hair loss, Hair loss tips, hair dyes

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    hair style, Beauty News, how to wake up with great looking hair, Hair style

    How to wake up with great looking hair? 25 June 2014

    Unless you are a fairytale character, you possibly have woken up with a terrible mess of mane that warrants major time and effort to be sorted before you spring to work or classes more than you can count.Fortunately, there are...

    Keywords: Hair Beauty, how to wake up with great hairstyle, hair style tips, Beauty News

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    movie, promotion, sai dharam tej spotted with new hair style, Hair style

    Sai Dharam Tej Spotted with New Hair Style 03 August 2016

    Tollywood Mega actor Sai Dharam Tej is currently working with Gopichand Malineni for the upcoming drama. The promotional activities of “Thikka” are going in full spree. The movie is set to release on 13th August.  Recently the makers launched the...

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    Hair styles, perfect hair style, a perfect yet complementing hair style for you, Hair style

    A perfect yet complementing hair style for you 28 April 2012

    Here are the two most wanted hair styles of this season... you can experiment not only with your look, but also with these two hair styles that are suited for all face types and all kinds of clothing; One-shoulder wave...

    Keywords: humid summer, summer, humid summer, beach waves

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    healthy hair, Fast Hair growing, zamana of long hair, Hair style

    Zamana of long hair 02 May 2012

    In this fast phased era today, we need the result for any attempt made, very fast. We would not at all be interested in a complete process of achieving the result. This is not only boring but lot of time...

    Keywords: hair style tips, women with long hair, women with long hair, hair style tips

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    ponytail., ponytail., attract your man with that perfect hair style, Hair style

    Attract your man with that perfect hair style... 12 June 2012

    Every human being is attention seeking... and we being women have that additional urge to get attention especially from our Man… not only with that perfect dress and personality, you can also impress your ‘Man’ with a hair style... find...

    Keywords: woman, hair style, woman, Luxuriant natural waves

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    impressive hair style, hair style names, five impressive hair styles for all seasons, Hair style

    Five impressive hair styles for all seasons 28 November 2012

    Hairstyles play an indispensable role in terms of making an impressive fashion statement. Be it any color blond, Black or brown a nice hairstyle uplifts a man's personality. Since we are always obsessed with the ways celebrities style themselves it's...

    Keywords: hair style names, impressive hair style, top five list, impressive hair style

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    Good Hair Style, Tips for Hair style, dandruff free clear scalp, Hair style

    Dandruff free clear scalp! 12 April 2012

    No doubt, a beautiful and a healthy hair is an asset for our beauty… but, just imagine your hair covering that dry and scaly scalp? Ohh… not at all a good option right? Then better not go for it… just...

    Keywords: Dandruff free clear scalp, Dandruff fred hair, Tips for Hair style, olive oil treatment

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    Fashion, Men’s Hair Cut, various flat top hair cuts for young men, Hair style

    Various Flat Top Hair Cuts For Young Men 25 July 2017

    Various Flat Top Hair Cuts For Young Men:- Your get-up is trendy and now you want to pair it up with a chic hair style. A fashionable hair style that can give you the total look you want. It also...

    Keywords: Hairstyles For Men, Fashionable Hair Styles, Men’s Hair Cut, Men’s Hair Cut

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    hair grow, strong hair, eat right for a healthy hair, Hair style

    Eat right for a healthy hair 12 December 2012

    The nutrients you eat today help strengthen the hair follicle - from which each strand is born - and the scalp that surrounds it. Of course, there's more to your hair than what you eat. Smoking, hormonal imbalances, and not...

    Keywords: hair fall control, healthy hair style, healthy hair foods, healthy hair foods

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