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    AP Government Officials Warn Of Agitation 13 October 2021

    AP Government Officials Warn Of Agitation:- Andhra Pradesh state is left in huge financial crisis and the salaries, pensions for the government employees are not paid on time. The state government employees warned of implementing an agitation in the phased...

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    Dhubri, Dhubri, seven central government officials to visit assam, Government officials

    Seven Central Government officials to visit Assam 21 August 2012

    A team of Central Government officials, seven of them, have planned to visit Assam today on Tuesday. They would work on the relief and rehabilitation necessities that are required by the strife-torn regions of the state which were majorly affected...

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    Indian passport, Passport guidelines, no passport for the corrupted says government, Government officials

    No Passport For The Corrupted Says Government 06 March 2020

    No Passport For The Corrupted Says Government:- The Indian government stepped out with an interesting move saying that the government employees who are corrupted, those who are under suspension or granted sanction of prosecution over corruption charges will not be...

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    Naxals kidnap government officers in Jharkhand, Maoists, maoists kidnap four government officials, Government officials

    Maoists kidnap four government officials 27 January 2014

    Four government employees were kidnapped by suspected Naxals in Jharkhand's Giridih district. The kidnap happened in the Navkania village of the district's Naxal-dominated Pirtand block, 300 km from capital Ranchi when the victims were at a school to organise a...

    Keywords: CRPF, Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren, Naxals in Jharkhand, Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren

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    Telangana officials, Telangana officials, two telangana officials taken into court custody, Government officials

    Two Telangana Officials Taken Into Court Custody 16 February 2019

    Two Telangana Officials Taken Into Court Custody:- Telangana Government received a huge shock after two senior government officials have been taken into the judicial custody in contempt of court case. The High Court of Telangana diverted the judicial registrar to...

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    bbmp, group D employee, richest peon on earth, Government officials

    Richest peon on earth? 15 March 2013

    One peon in BBMP has acquired a wealth of five houses, three sites, 2 acres and 16 guntas of land, a Mahindra Scorpio, 166 grams of gold ornaments and 650 grams of silver. However, he was caught by the Lokayukta...

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    landslide in northern india., intense floods paralyzed northern india, violent floods paralyzed northern india, Government officials

    Violent floods paralyzed Northern India! 17 June 2013

    Government officials brought into prominence that least 23 people have died at the same time about 50 are missing after three days of violent rain washed away buildings and roads in northern India. Furthermore, Amit Negi who is an official...

    Keywords: northern india floods, hindu religious site, uttarakhand, violent rain in northern india

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