• Gujarat and Rajasthan latest, Gujarat and Rajasthan news, earthquake strikes gujarat and rajasthan no damage reported, Earthquake

    Earthquake Strikes Gujarat and Rajasthan: No Damage Reported 06 June 2019

    Earthquake Strikes Gujarat and Rajasthan: No Damage Reported:- Gujarat and Rajasthan witnessed an earthquake at 10.30 PM last night measuring 4.3 on the richter scale. The Institute of Seismological Research, the epicentre of the earthquake was 31 kilometres from Palanpur...

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    7.1 Magnitude Earthquake, Mexico Earthquake, mexico quake death toll rises to 224 school building collapse leaves 21 children dead, Earthquake

    Mexico Quake : Death Toll Rises To 224, School Building Collapse Leaves 21 Children Dead 20 September 2017

    Mexico Quake : Death Toll Rises To 224, School Building Collapse Leaves 21 Children Dead:- Around twenty one children were killed after a school building toppled, following a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico on Wednesday. Many buildings were...

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    Japan earthquake 2016, Japan earthquake 2016, japan earthquake 9 killed more aftershocks expected, Earthquake

    Japan earthquake: 9 killed, more aftershocks expected 15 April 2016

    A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in Japan, taking away, nine lives and leaving hundreds injured.As per U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake stuck near Ueki and was followed several smaller aftershocks.“The ground shook for about 20 seconds before the 6.2-magnitude quake...

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    rescue operation, Earthquake, earthquake in italy 120 killed 368 injured, Earthquake

    Earthquake in Italy, 120 Killed & 368 Injured 25 August 2016

    At least 120 people were killed and over 368 injured as earthquake with magnitude of 6.2 struck at 3:36 am Italy on Wednesday.Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited the zone Wednesday, greeted rescue teams and survivors warned that “several people have...

    Keywords: Italy, death, injury, injury

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    Russia earthquake, earthquake tremors in Russia, 6 6 magnitude earthquake tremors in russia, Earthquake

    6.6 magnitude earthquake tremors in Russia 21 March 2016

    A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit off the east coast of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula this morning, but was not expected to cause damage or fatalities, US experts said.According to the US Geological Survey, the quake was struck at 3:50 am (local time)...

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    India-China border updates, Earthquake in Arunachal Pradesh, 6 4 magnitude earthquake hits india china border, Earthquake

    6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits India-China Border 18 November 2017

    6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits India-China Border:- A strong earthquake hit the India - China border during the early hours of today and it has been measured at a magnitude of 6.4. As per the assessment by United States Geological Survey...

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    Ace Province, Death, 6 5 magnitude earthquake in indonesia 20 killed many injured, Earthquake

    6.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Indonesia, 20 Killed & Many Injured 07 December 2016

    In a shocking incident, at least 20 people died and many injured after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck at 5am (9am AEDT) in Indonesia on Wednesday. Several shops and houses got collapsed. "The earthquake was felt strongly and many people...

    Keywords: Indonesia Earthquake, Ace Province, Indonesia Earthquake, Ace Province

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    world news, earthquake dog Ecaudor, dog dies after rescuing ecuador earthquake victims, Earthquake

    Dog dies after rescuing Ecuador earthquake victims 28 April 2016

    Ecuador's firefighters said that, a rescue dog that helped in saving the victims trapped under rubble in the recent deadly earthquake in Ecuador, died from heatstroke while performing his duties.In the Ibarra fire department’s K9 unit, Dayko, a 4-year-old Labrador...

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    Earthquake, North Maluku province, 18 houses damaged in an earthquake in indonesia, Earthquake

    18 houses damaged in an earthquake in Indonesia 08 June 2016

    In a major earthquake, as many as 18 houses were damaged in Indonesia. Officials said that the earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude jolts North Maluku province."We did not issue a warning for tsunami for this quake," Wahyu Kurniawan, an official of...

    Keywords: 6.4 magnitude, 6.4 magnitude, North Maluku province, Earthquake

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    Greece and Turkey, Greece earthquake, massive earthquake strikes turkey and greece, Earthquake

    Massive Earthquake Strikes Turkey And Greece 30 October 2020

    Massive earthquake strikes Turkey and Greece:- A massive earthquake struck Turkey and Greece which killed 22 people. Around 120 people got injured and several buildings collapsed after the massive earthquake. Turkey's coastal resort city of Izmir has been badly damaged....

    Keywords: Greece and Turkey earthquake latest, Greece and Turkey earthquake news, Turkey earthquake, massive earthquake

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    nuclear cooling function damaged, Earthquake, 7 4 magnitude earthquake hits japan leads to tsunami, Earthquake

    7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan, Leads to Tsunami 22 November 2016

    A powerful earthquake jolted northern Japan on Tuesday, briefly damaging the cooling functions at a nuclear plant. This caused a tsunami that hit the same region destroyed by a massive quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011."The earthquake, which was felt in...

    Keywords: Tsunami, Tsunami, Earthquake, Japan

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    earthquake, Indonesia earthquake, 7 8 magnitude earthquake hits off indonesia, Earthquake

    7.8 magnitude earthquake hits off Indonesia 03 March 2016

    Triggering a tsunami warning that sent islanders rushing to high ground, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits off the southwestern coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, yesterday. An official said the potential for a tsunami was small. No tsunami threat to Indian...

    Keywords: Indonesia earthquake, earthquake, Indonesia earthquake, World news

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    Magnitude, no casualties, 6 2 magnitude earthquake hit eastern japan no casualties reported, Earthquake

    6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Eastern Japan, No Casualties Reported 12 November 2016

    "A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan today," the US Geological Survey said, "but there were no immediate reports of damage." The quake was the depth of 44 kilometers. It struck shortly at 6:42 am local time near the northeast...

    Keywords: no casualties, Magnitude, Japan, Earthquake

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    Taiwan news, Taiwan news, taiwan earthquake death toll reaches 34, Earthquake

    Taiwan earthquake: Death toll reaches 34 08 February 2016

    The death toll from Taiwan earthquake, is going on increasing and the rescuers are trying their best to control it. A horrifying earthquake in a high-rise apartment building in Taiwan on Saturday, took away five lives and several others were rescued....

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    Earthquake, Chamba District, mild earthquake jolts hp s chamba district, Earthquake

    Mild Earthquake Jolts HP’s Chamba District 20 May 2017

    In less than 24 hours, another mild earthquake jolted Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba district on Saturday. However, no loss of life or damage to property was reported. Meteorological Office Director Manmohan Singh said, “The earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale...

    Keywords: Himachal Pradesh, Earthquake, Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh

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    Earthquake, Nepal, 5 5 magnitude earthquake in nepal no casualties reported, Earthquake

    5.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal, No Casualties Reported 28 November 2016

    Early morning on Monday, Nepal witnessed a 5.5 moderate magnitude earthquake.According to the National Centre for Seismology which is a unit of Ministry of Earth Sciences said "the quake occurred at 5.05am at a depth of 10km. The epicenter was located at...

    Keywords: no casualties, April 2015 earthquake, no casualties, Nepal

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    Japan earthquake 2016, Japan earthquake 2016, japan earthquake 7 0 magnitude 2nd largest quake, Earthquake

    Japan earthquake: 7.0 magnitude, 2nd largest quake 16 April 2016

    After 6.2 maginitude earthquake two days earlier, Japan has now witnessed 7.0 earthquake and thus registered as the second biggest earthquake, after 9.0 magnitude earthquake in 2011. Earthquake struck Kyushu island in Japan and according to Kumamoto Prefecture's disaster management office,...

    Keywords: Japan news, Japan earthquake 2016, Japan earthquake 2016, World news

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    Earthquake, house collapse, earthquake in china one villager killed, Earthquake

    Earthquake in China, One Villager Killed 26 November 2016

    "A strong earthquake in a remote area of China's extreme west has killed at least one villager after a home collapsed," authorities said Saturday.The seismological bureau of China's Xinjiang region said that "55 homes were damaged and 32 collapsed in...

    Keywords: house collapse, Earthquake, Earthquake, Earthquake

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, pm modi attacks opposition says the earthquake finally did happen, Earthquake

    PM Modi Attacks Opposition, Says "The earthquake finally did happen” 07 February 2017

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave speech in parliament today to attack the opposition's collective attack on his abrupt note ban of 500- and 1,000-rupee notes. Reserving his strongest points for the Congress, the PM said that "my government is committed...

    Keywords: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Speech Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Attack on opposition

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    Telangana, Hyderabad, mild tremor in hyderabad cause panic, Earthquake

    Mild Tremor in Hyderabad Cause Panic 10 October 2016

    A mild earthquake took place in some parts of Hyderabad. The earthquake was witnessed in Padmavathi Colony, Devaiah Basthi , Bhavani Nagar and Borabanda. Begumpet and Punjagutta are other places that have also experienced the mild earthquake for three seconds....

    Keywords: Telangana, Telangana, Hyderabad, Earthquake

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