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    Dog Owner Shoots A Man For Throwing Stone On His Pet 08 January 2019

    Dog Owner Shoots A Man For Throwing Stone On His Pet:- A man took out his pistol and shot his neighbor for throwing a stone at his dog. The incident took place on Delhi's Welcome Colony on Sunday afternoon. The victim...

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    aggressive dogs, Agnus dog, court bans dog from britain pubs, Dog owner

    Court bans dog from Britain pubs 20 July 2013

    A dog owner from Britain had to face suspension due to his Alsatian. The dog in question, Angus, was one angry animal who bit pub goers without any provocation. Angus himself received suspended sentence from the court, with warnings that...

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    dog bite, FIR, man files fir on dog owner, Dog owner

    Man files FIR on dog owner 16 April 2012

    Dog biting is one of the grievous problems that we come across and the incidents of rabies deaths are also increasing in the country due to negligence of people and unavailability of vaccinations in some remote parts of the country. ...

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