• Jr. ntr Nannaki Prematho first look poster, Dictator movie first look, ganesh chaturthi first look festival, Dictator

    Ganesh Chaturthi: First look festival 18 September 2015

    Finally the most awaited Nannaku Prematho movie first look poster, Balayya’s Dictator movie first look poster and Super Star Rajinikanth Kabali movie first look was released on the occasion of Vinayak Chaturthi.  All the three movies are most hyped ones...

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    Tollywood gossips, Nannaku Prematho, nannaku prematho result relaxed balakrishna fans, Dictator

    Nannaku Prematho result relaxed Balakrishna fans! 14 January 2016

    Nannaku Prematho movie has released yesterday and is opened to divided talk. But most of the people opined that the movie is more of intelligence, which cannot be related by a normal audience. Andhrawishesh.com already reviewed Nannaku Prematho as a...

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    Dictator movie release date, Dictator audio release highlights, dictator audio release smiles and sorrows, Dictator

    Dictator audio release: Smiles and sorrows! 21 December 2015

    Balakrishna’s most awaiting movie, Dictator audio function was held yesterday in Andhra Pradesh new capital Amaravati, amidst of the huge number of Balayya fans and also TDP leaders. Being the first function in the historical place Amaravati, Dictator audio release...

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    Dictator, Tollywood gossips, not only dictator all movies suffered sriwass, Dictator

    Not only Dictator, all movies suffered - Sriwass 22 January 2016

    Dictator movie director Sriwass spoke about the four films released for Sankranthi season. No matter, how good the film is, there is always an influence from the other good film, which is releasing in the same season. This year Sankranthi...

    Keywords: Dictator, Tollywood gossips, Sriwass, Sriwass

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    Kings became dictators, Polity, politics and corruption, Dictator

    Politics And Corruption 17 December 2013

    What is politics and why corruptive practices are linked with it? Greek Polis means a city.  Polity is the form or process of Civil Government. Politics is derived from it with one of its meanings as 'activities concerned with seeking...

    Keywords: Democracy, 43712 Politics And Corruption, civic society, society

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    Dictator movie updates, Bramhanandam, bramhanandam walks out of dictator, Dictator

    Bramhanandam walks out of Dictator! 05 November 2015

    Bramhanandam, the busiest man in Tollywood, without whom, the audience would find tough to move to the theatres, reportedly refused to give dates to Balakrishna’s Dictator movie. Several comedians and actors in the industry, had entertained the audience well, but could...

    Keywords: Bramhanandam out of Dictator, Bramhanandam, Dictator movie updates, Bramhanandam

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    Balakrishna, Balakrishna, balakrishna ramp walk, Dictator

    Balakrishna ramp walk 17 November 2015

    Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is known for his ferocious acting in the films, has a quite opposite attitude, outside. He would be the centre of attraction in most of the public functions. Proving it again, in the last night, Balakrishna was...

    Keywords: Balakrishna ramp walk, Balakrishna, Nannaku Prematho movie, Dictator release date

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    Soggade Chinni Nayana, Express Raja, who is sankranthi winner, Dictator

    Who is Sankranthi winner? 18 January 2016

    It seems, 2016 has brought new life to Telugu cinema and that is the reason for such back to back hits of all the recently released movies. Ram’s ‘Nenu Sailaja’ was released on January 1st and started the success journey,...

    Keywords: Dictator, Tollywood gossips, Nannaku Prematho, Express Raja

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    Libya, Gaddafi killed, king lion holed up like a rat gaddafi eliminated, Dictator

    King Lion holed up like a rat, Gaddafi eliminated 21 October 2011

    For the past three weeks, the world had been witnessing the Libyan revolution against its tyrant dictator. Inspite loosing holds across the country and almost becoming a fugitive in his own land Col Gaddafi's whereabouts were still unknown. Infact the...

    Keywords: loyalist fighters, Dictator, Dictator, loyalist fighters

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    tollywood news, Dictator movie teaser, balakrishna s dictator teaser talk, Dictator

    Balakrishna’s Dictator teaser talk 23 October 2015

    Nandamuri Balakrishna’s high anticipated movie, Dictator teaser, has released just a while, and here is the teaser talk of the movie. Dictator teaser starts with a group of people in a festive environment, beating the drums and later comes our...

    Keywords: tollywood news, Dictator teaser, Dictator movie teaser, Dictator teaser

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    Dictator Review, Dictator Review, dictator movie review and ratings, Dictator

    Dictator Movie Review and Ratings 09 January 2016

    Chandu (Balakrishna) is a normal middle class guy, who stays with his in-laws in the city. Being a huge admirer of Gowtham Buddha, he mostly prefers to stay peacefully. In an unexpected situation, he meets Divya (Sonal Chauhan), who aspires...

    Keywords: Dictator Movie Review and Rating, Dictator Review and Rating, Dictator Review, Nandamuri Balakrishna Dictator Movie Review

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    Gaddafi family safe, telugu cinema, cost of the libyan conflict, Dictator

    Cost of the Libyan conflict 30 August 2011

    The cost of the Libyan revolution needs to be introspected on the loss of number of lives on both the sides. Is this how we are going to achieve our objective is another million dollar question lingering in the minds...

    Keywords: andhra news, etv2 telugu news, unique wallpaper, what UN feels post war

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    Dictator, balakrishna next movie, balakrishna to say big news in dictator audio launch, Dictator

    Balakrishna to say big news in Dictator audio launch! 17 November 2015

    Balakrishna’s Dictator audio launch is going to take place on December 20th and the function is going to be one of the biggest movie functions, ever made. After Simha and Legend, Balayya is back into the full form. All his...

    Keywords: balakrishna next movie, Balakrishna dictator, balakrishna next movie, balakrishna next movie

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    Dictator, Dictator, official balayya s 99th film title and crew, Dictator

    Official: Balayya's 99th film title and crew 16 May 2015

    Yes, the news is confirmed now, the title of the film is announced by one of the story and screenplay writer of the film, Mr. Kona Venkat. Gopi Mohan is also sharing the work of story and screenplay with Kona.Well,...

    Keywords: Dictator, NBK, Balayya, Dictator

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    treason charges against musharraf, pakistani taliban, the fall of the great dictator, Dictator

    The fall of the great dictator 19 April 2013

    Finally the judiciary of Pakistan gained an upper hand as they managed to convict the former dictator Gen. Pervez  Musharraf on the charges of treason. The warrant for Musharraf's arrest was issued on Thursday itself when tried to fled the...

    Keywords: treason charges against musharraf, musharraf arrested, nbc news, haqqani network

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    Nannaku Prematho, Nandamuri heroes, proof to say rivalry exists between nandamuri heroes, Dictator

    Proof to say, rivalry exists between Nandamuri heroes! 16 December 2015

    It seems, there is a rivalry between Nandamuri young heroes and Balakrishna and several moves from the actors, are proving these speculations.  While Nannaku Prematho is confirmed for Sankranthi, Dictator makers are also eyeing on Sankranthi season. Though in the...

    Keywords: Nannaku Prematho, Dictator, Nannaku Prematho release date, Nannaku Prematho

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    Nannaku Prematho, Nannaku Prematho, nannaku prematho release date confirmed, Dictator

    Nannaku Prematho release date confirmed 09 December 2015

    Jr NTR’s most awaited movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’, is finally getting ready for release on this Sankranthi, amidst of never before expectations for the actor’s movie.The reason behind such huge expectations is, NTR’s previous movie Temper was a huge hit and...

    Keywords: Nannaku Prematho release date, Dictator release date, Dictator release date, Nannaku Prematho release date

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    Dictator release date, Balakrishna new movie, i was scared about dictator title balakrishna, Dictator

    I was scared about Dictator title – Balakrishna 05 January 2016

    Nandamuri Balakrishna said that he was scared in the beginning about the title Dictator, for his upcoming movie. Being 99th movie of Balayya, Dictator has acquired huge significance among Balayya fans. Not disappointing them, the pre-released teasers and trailers were...

    Keywords: Dictator, Balakrishna new movie, Tollywood news, Dictator

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    Nannaku Prematho, Dictator release date, solo king of sankranthi balakrishna, Dictator

    Solo king of Sankranthi - Balakrishna 06 November 2015

    It seems, except Balakrishna’s Dictator, none of the big movies are releasing on Sankranthi.  Festivals are said to be the major market for the producers and no producer would forgo to release his film on the festival, unless the situations...

    Keywords: Balakrishna, Nannaku Prematho, Balakrishna, Nannaku Prematho

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    Funny Jokes, Jokes, dictator audio functions proved this, Dictator

    Dictator audio functions proved this 21 December 2015

    Styling the politics, is what we call Balakrishna movies audio functions. By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Balayya jokes, Balayya jokes, Silly Jokes

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