• Arrest, Arrest, cyberabad police arrest 25 fake paramedics, Cyberabad

    Cyberabad Police Arrest 25 Fake Paramedics 30 August 2016

    25 paramedics have been arrested by Cyberabad East SOT sleuths on Monday for running clinics without valid licence.Police also seized medicines from them. According to the police, the paramedics were operating clinics with beds to treat patients. They also prescribed...

    Keywords: Arrest, Arrest, Arrest, fake doctors

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    Hyderabad IT Companies updates, Hyderabad IT Companies latest, restrictions lifted for hyderabad it companies, Cyberabad

    Restrictions Lifted For Hyderabad IT Companies 11 May 2020

    Restrictions Lifted For Hyderabad IT Companies:- With the country under lockdown, all the IT firms which are operating from Hyderabad asked its employees to work from home. With the Centre allowing the states to operate slowly, most of the Hyderabad...

    Keywords: Cyberabad, Hyderabad IT Companies, Hyderabad IT Companies, Hyderabad IT Companies latest

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    Citizen Satisfaction Feedback Service Wing, Cyberabad Police, rate the police efficiency, Cyberabad

    Rate the Police Efficiency 18 November 2014

    The Hyderabad Police have launched another unique initiative of taking feedback from public and rate their efficiency. The 'Citizen Satisfaction Feedback Service Wing' was started by Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy on Monday and the idea is to find out...

    Keywords: Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Hyderabad Police, Cyberabad Police, Citizen Satisfaction Feedback Service Wing

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    ORR Speed Limit, Sandeep Shandilya, max speed limit on orr slashed to 100 kmph, Cyberabad

    Max Speed Limit On ORR Slashed to 100 Kmph 25 May 2017

    Max Speed Limit On ORR Slashed to 100 Kmph:- From 120 kmph to 100 kmph, the maximum speed limit on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) has been slashed. The revised speed limits have been announced by Cyberabad Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya...

    Keywords: Sandeep Shandilya, Sandeep Shandilya, Speed Limit Lane, ORR Speed Limit

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    Andhra Pradesh, DGP Prasada Rao at Media, maoists activities brought down dgp, Cyberabad

    Maoists' Activities Brought Down- DGP 31 December 2013

    The DGP gave crime report during the year 2013 in the media conference today. He said that Maoists' activities in the State came down in the considerably. 163 Maoists were arrested  and 76 surrendered during the year. The road accidents...

    Keywords: illegal human trafficking Cases, Andhra Pradesh, AP State News, 2013 Crime Review by DGP

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    Ravi Prakash latest, Ravi Prakash latest, ravi prakash moves to supreme court for bail, Cyberabad

    Ravi Prakash Moves to Supreme Court for Bail 28 May 2019

    Ravi Prakash Moves to Supreme Court for Bail:- Tv9 ex-CEO has been facing charges of corruption and forgery and a bunch of cases have been filed in Cyberabad police station. Ravi Prakash has been served notices and has been asked...

    Keywords: Ravi Prakash bail, Ravi Prakash bail petition, Ravi Prakash, Ravi Prakash in Supreme Court

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    Telangana news, Chain snatching, cyberabad police new scheme to nab chain snatchers, Cyberabad

    Cyberabad police new scheme to nab chain snatchers 02 November 2015

    55 'anti-snatching' teams were formed to nab the chain snatchers in the twin cities. Chain snatching cases are getting viral day by day in Hyderabad. At least 3 to 4 cases are being registered almost every day, in the several...

    Keywords: Hyderabad chain snatching cases, Chain snatching in Hyderabad, Chain snatchers, Telangana news

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    Hyderabad IT Corridor police, Cyberabad, registration must for cabs cv anand, Cyberabad

    Registration must for Cabs: CV Anand 09 May 2014

    Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand said that all the private cabs operating for IT companies across the Hi-Tech City should get registered by the Police Department. Speaking on the occasion Anand said, “with Rupees six crores CCTVs have been installed at...

    Keywords: Metro news, Registration must Cabs: CV Anand, CV Anand, CV Anand

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    Narsingi police, 80 bikers caught racing, 80 bikers caught racing, Cyberabad

    80 bikers caught racing 28 July 2014

    The police have arrested 80 students who are reportedly involved in racing at the Outer Ring Road on Sunday morning. Around 6 AM, locals at Narsingi altered the police as large number of youngsters with bikes were seen riding dangerously...

    Keywords: Outer Ring Road hyderabad, Metro news, Cyberabad police, racing at Outer Ring Road

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    Miyapur Land Scam, Miyapur Land Scam, kukatpally sub registrar 2 company directors arrested in miyapur land scam, Cyberabad

    Kukatpally Sub-Registrar, 2 Company Directors Arrested In Miyapur Land Scam 29 May 2017

    Kukatpally Sub-Registrar, 2 Company Directors Arrested In Miyapur Land Scam:- The Cyberabad Police yesterday have arrested the kukatpally sub-registrar, along with the directors of two firms, who are allegedly involved in a massive land scam at Miyapur, Hyderabad. The land...

    Keywords: Miyapur Land Scam, PS Parthasarathi, Goldstone Infratech Director, PS Parthasarathi

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    Human trafficking, Cyberabad cops, human trafficking racket busted in hyderabad airport, Cyberabad

    Human Trafficking Racket Busted In Hyderabad Airport 21 March 2019

    Human Trafficking Racket Busted In Hyderabad Airport:- The Cyberabad cops yesterday busted out an international human trafficking racket and cracked the case. 18 people have been taken into custody who are taking people on fake passport and visa. 15 illegal...

    Keywords: Human trafficking new, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport cases, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Human trafficking updates

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    counsel, harassing, she teams arrest 24 youths for harassing women in cyberabad, Cyberabad

    SHE Teams Arrest 24 Youths for Harassing Women in Cyberabad 06 June 2016

    Around 24 youths aged between 18 and 30 were arrested by Cyberabad SHE teams in the last two weeks. According to the police, five of the youths have been sent to judicial custody. Other Thirties were counselled on Saturday.60 SHE teams...

    Keywords: judicial custody, judicial custody, youth, youth

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    TSIIC, E-Auction, tsiic to auction big land parcels in cyberabad areas, Cyberabad

    TSIIC To Auction Big Land Parcels In Cyberabad Areas 12 May 2017

    The Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) has decided to take up auction of big land parcels, especially in the upmarket areas of the city, almost after an year gap, hoping to scrape up huge revenues. This auction will let...

    Keywords: Hyderabad city, Hyderabad city, Hyderabad city, TSIIC

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    man arrested for killing dog, Cyberabad Police, man arrested in hyderabad for raping and killing dog, Cyberabad

    Man Arrested In Hyderabad For Raping And Killing Dog 25 October 2016

    According to the reports, the Cyberabad Police arrested a man on Monday for allegedly raping and killing a female dog. The Mailardevpally Police said that the dog was murdered and raped afterwards by a person identified as Aslam Khan, who...

    Keywords: Mailardevpally Police, Mailardevpally Police, man arrested for killing dog, Mailardevpally Police

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    Hackers, accounts, 50 hyderabad it companies accounts hacked by pak hackers, Cyberabad

    50 Hyderabad IT Companies Accounts Hacked by Pak Hackers 14 October 2016

    The Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) comprising Hyderabad's top IT companies and police said on Thursday that "at least 50 information technology companies have come under a wave of cyber attacks from Pakistan-based hackers over the past 10 days."...

    Keywords: accounts, investigation, Hackers, Hacking

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    Cyberabad Police, Traffic Police, 957 drunk drivers caught in hyderabad, Cyberabad

    957 Drunk Drivers Caught in Hyderabad 02 January 2017

    As everyone welcomed the new year 2017 on Sunday, as many as 957 people were called drunk driving including one woman in Hyderabad. This was the highest number of drunk drivers arrested on one single day in a drive conducted...

    Keywords: arrest, Drunk and drive, Drunk and drive, Traffic Police

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    cyberabad police, cyberabad police, cannot imagine how many abhaya cases not seen light, Cyberabad

    Cannot Imagine How Many Abhaya Cases Not Seen Light 23 October 2013

    Psychiatrists confirm that women usually do not report rape in India.  They are scared about their future and chances of strained relations without their fault.  They cannot face their boyfriends, husband, parents, relatives and neighbors and they are also afraid...

    Keywords: Imagine How Many Abhaya Cases Not Seen Light, case of ‘Abhaya’, Rape Cases, Imagine How Many Abhaya Cases Not Seen Light

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    engineering, Batasingaram lake, engineering student drowns in a lake in cyberabad, Cyberabad

    Engineering Student Drowns in a Lake in Cyberabad 01 October 2016

    In a tragic incident, a 16-year-old engineering diploma student drowned in a lake in Cyberabad. According to the police, the young boy was identified as Manoj Kumar. He is studying engineering. On Friday, along with his five childhood friends had...

    Keywords: Cyberabad, death, death, Cyberabad

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    Symbiosys Technologies, Information Technology at Rishikonda, another cyberabad in making at vizag, Cyberabad

    Another Cyberabad In Making At Vizag 20 January 2014

    Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Information Technology at Rishikonda in Visakhapatnam aimed at developing as another Cyberabad like in Hyderabad is getting de-notified now which may attract more IT Companies to spring up there.  A land of 100 acres was...

    Keywords: Another Cyberabad In Making At Vizag, Top Stories, Sankhya Technologies, Zonal Manager of APIIC

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    Paramilitary Forces, Paramilitary Forces, communal clashes hit the city, Cyberabad

    Communal clashes hit the city 14 May 2014

    After a huge gap communal clashes hit the Hyderabad city yet again. Adjacent to the Old City near Sikh Chawni near Bahadurpura few wrongdoers burnt the religious flags in the early hours of Wednesday. Two young brats were attacked by...

    Keywords: Armed Police, Armed Police, Armed Police, Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand

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