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  • Botsa Satyanaryana on Telangana, Digvijay Singh on Telangana, live updates on state division, Cwc meeting

    Live Updates On State Division 30 July 2013

    Updated at 6.45 pm.  As the developments on the State's bifurcation is a crucial issue that is eagerly watched by the people of the State and also Telugu speaking people living in other states and countries, we are giving live...

    Keywords: Digvijay Singh on Telangana, Bifurcation of AP, Botsa Satyanaryana on Telangana, Bifurcation of AP

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    Prime Minister Mahmohan Singh, CWC, sonia backs manmohan on fdi at cwc meeting, Cwc meeting

    Sonia backs Manmohan on FDI at CWC meeting 25 September 2012

    Sonia Gandhi concurred with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's thoughts of an urgency to improve the economic conditions of the nation immediately as she endorse his reforms in the fuel price hike and the FDI in retail. "There shouldn't be any...

    Keywords: CWC, Congress, Sonia Gandhi,

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    Konda Surekha comments, Jagan, congress does not care about ysrcp jagan, Cwc meeting

    Congress does not care about YSRCP, Jagan 30 July 2013

    The events of the past month has shown Jagan in a very bad light, though he hasn't stepped outside his confinement. After amassing immense wealth and gaining the sympathy of naive commoners, the leader is losing steam. With Congress treating...

    Keywords: Konda Surekha comments, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Jagan Mohan Reddy, YSRCP

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    Botcha Satyanarayana., Rayala Telangana, tuesday is the day congress calls for early meeting over bifurcation, Cwc meeting

    Tuesday is the day, Congress calls for early meeting over bifurcation 29 July 2013

    In an announcement that is bound to make several hearts skip a beat, the Congress High Command has called for a meeting regarding the all important Telangana issue on Tuesday. This is a day earlier than the previous date. The...

    Keywords: Seemandhra, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Seemandhra, APCC President

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    Rayalaseema, united Andhra, divided we fall cracks in andhra pradesh deepen, Cwc meeting

    Divided we fall, cracks in Andhra Pradesh deepen 30 July 2013

    Tuesday has dawned on Andhra Pradesh and the state is falling apart from the middle. Suspecting political trouble if delayed further, the Center has zeroed in on the D-Day. Today, the state will witness changes that may go down in...

    Keywords: Seemandhra, Jagan, Congress decision, united Andhra

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    Andhra Pradesh, Andhra bifurcation, cwc meeting on telangana begins, Cwc meeting

    CWC meeting on Telangana begins 30 July 2013

    As of 4:30pm today, all the players were at their respective places. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is now at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's residence at 7, Race Course Road. The meeting of the UPA Coordination Committe has...

    Keywords: Rayala Telangana, Rayalaseema, Seemandhra, united Andhra

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    AP split., AP bifurcation, ap governor narasimhan to wield the cane in hyderabad, Cwc meeting

    AP Governor Narasimhan to wield the cane in Hyderabad 30 July 2013

    After the Congress party announces their decision on Telangana officially, what would become of the law and order in the state? And what would become of the capital city Hyderabad? AP Governor Narasimhan will have to bear the brunt of...

    Keywords: AP split., Seemandhra leaders, Telangana issue, AP bifurcation

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    CWC meeting, Telangana Statehood, andhra leaders sparing no efforts, Cwc meeting

    Andhra Leaders Sparing No Efforts 30 July 2013

    Andhra leaders of the Congress Party are not sparing any efforts to ensure the State of AP intact.  They have been meeting all the leaders at Delhi.  They are meeting The AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi at 12.30. The Human...

    Keywords: Pallam Raju, Chiranjeevi, Digvijay Singh, Telangana Statehood

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    Hyderabad, Monsoon session parliament, telangana state decision approaches cwc meeting soon, Cwc meeting

    Telangana state decision approaches, CWC meeting soon 22 July 2013

    The Congress Working Committee is steadfast on arriving at a solid decision in the coming days. The debate on 'a separate Telangana state or not' has reached boiling stage with everyone awaiting the crucial meeting with bated breath. Rumors flying...

    Keywords: AP political leaders, Sonia Gandhi, AP municipal elections, Telangana and Hyderabad

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    Division of the State, AICC, ray of hope again for t, Cwc meeting

    Ray of Hope Again for T 19 July 2013

    Again hype is growing up with the expectations of positive decisions in the Congress Working Committee meeting that may be held on 28th of this month at 6.00 pm as per the senior leaders. The same expectations mounted high during...

    Keywords: Congress Working Committee, Andhra Pradesh State, Core Committee meeting, Division of the State

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