• A1 Air-Coolers, A1 Air-Coolers, fire mishap in aircooler assembly factory, Cool

    Fire Mishap in Aircooler Assembly Factory 22 February 2017

    A fire broke-out in the ‘A1 Air-Coolers’, a small scale unit made of iron-sheets, that manufactures air-cooler at Attapur under Rajendranagar police limits in Hyderabad in the early hours of Wednesday. The incident happened at around 5 AM when the...

    Keywords: Rajendranagar assistant commissioner of police, Fire mishap, A1 Air-Coolers, A1 Air-Coolers

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    smartphone, Coolpad Note 5, coolpad note 5 smartphone launched in india, Cool

    Coolpad Note 5 Smartphone Launched in India 01 October 2016

    Coolpad has launched the Note 5 smartphone in India at Rs. 10,999. It will be sold from October 20 through the open sale model. At that price range, the Coolpad Note 5 offers many heavy-duty features that make it a...

    Keywords: India, smartphone, India, India

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    cylcone effects rains in hyderabad, hyderabad monsoon, incessant rains cool hyderabad as deficit drops to 28, Cool

    Incessant Rains Cool Hyderabad as Deficit Drops to 28% 29 July 2019

    Incessant Rains Cool Hyderabad as Deficit Drops to 28%:- After living through scorching temperature, Hyderabad city witnessed rains during the weekend with many areas recording three cm of rainfall. Due to the incessant rainfall, the deficit has come down from...

    Keywords: rains in hyderabad, hyderabad monsoon, hyderabad monsoon, hyderabad monsoon

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    KCR, KCR, kcr cool over change of assembly affairs, Cool

    KCR Cool Over Change of Assembly Affairs 01 January 2014

    Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy made a surprise move by stripping the portfolio of Assembly Affairs from the Telangana Minister Sridhara Babu and giving it to the Andhra Minister Sailajanath.  KCR also surprised everyone with a cool response for the...

    Keywords: Telangana Bill, Telangana Bill, Kiran Kumar Reddy, Telangana Bill

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    Cool dating ideas., tips for cheap dates, dating without paying, Cool

    Dating without paying 13 August 2013

    So, you have finally got the attention of your crush. Both of you have happily decided to catch up over a coffee or movie, only to realize that dating has become more expensive. No sweat. Gear up with a few...

    Keywords: Dating advice, dating tips that don’t cost much, dating tips that don’t cost much, how to save on a date

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    ways to handle pressure., tips to reduce anxiety, under pressure practice these cool tips, Cool

    Under pressure? Practice these cool tips 03 September 2013

    All of us agree with the fact that we take the most productive decisions with a cool mind. Under pressure, an individual tends to dramaticize the proceedings and take a decision fuelled by anger and frustration. How many time have...

    Keywords: methods to tackle stress, Tips to calm down, Tips to calm down, tips to reduce tension

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    pistachio drinks, best cool drinks, preparation of pistachio shake recipe, Cool

    Preparation of Pistachio Shake Recipe 06 April 2015

    Pistachio Shake Recipe is a healthy drink that has more nutritious value. Many researchers suggest pistachio as it is good in protein content, beneficial fats, fiber and many other nutrients that your body needs everyday. It is also proved that,...

    Keywords: tasty Indian drinks, pistachio recipes, best cool drinks, healthy drinks

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    cool videos., cool videos., mysterious 10 most curious unexplained pictures, Cool

    Mysterious! 10 most curious, unexplained pictures 12 September 2013

    Hello viewers. During my travels through the wonderful archives of youtube, I happened to come across this most curious video. It shows us the 10 most mysterious pictures ever taken. I am happy to share it with you because of...

    Keywords: Most amazing pictures, pictures of aliens, most curious pictures, interesting videos

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    Personality development tips, Computer, not only engineer but also a cool mind can do it, Cool

    Not only engineer, but also a cool mind can do it 17 April 2015

    The work is urgent, time is lacking. You got a computer and you are required to complete the work in specific time, other wise the consequences are going to be worse. At this point of time, your computer gets that...

    Keywords: Computer, Tips, Personality development tips, Tips

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    Earthquake, Japan, 7 4 magnitude earthquake hits japan leads to tsunami, Cool

    7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan, Leads to Tsunami 22 November 2016

    A powerful earthquake jolted northern Japan on Tuesday, briefly damaging the cooling functions at a nuclear plant. This caused a tsunami that hit the same region destroyed by a massive quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011."The earthquake, which was felt in...

    Keywords: Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami, nuclear cooling function damaged

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    Summer Coolants breaking news, Summer Coolants, summer coolants to beat the heat in the season, Cool

    Summer Coolants to beat the Heat in the season 31 March 2021

    Summer Coolants to beat the Heat in the season:- The summer is already around and the heat wave has disrupted the lives of several people who work in the day light. The rising temperatures are the reason for dehydration. Water...

    Keywords: Summer Coolants latest, Summer Fruits, Summer Coolants latest, Summer Coolants health tips

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    Coolbreeze Cinemas, Naa Nuvve, kalyanram s next titled naa nuvve, Cool

    Kalyanram’s Next Titled Naa Nuvve 08 January 2018

    Kalyanram’s Next Titled Naa Nuvve:- Nandamuri Kalyanram has been struggling for success from the past couple of years. After a remarkable hit like Pataas, the actor hasn’t scored any success and he pinned all his hopes on his next film...

    Keywords: Kalyanram new, Jayendra, Naa Nuvve updates, Tamannaah

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    Samaikyandhra Movement, APNGOs President Ashok Babu, samaikyandhra cooled off, Cool

    Samaikyandhra Cooled Off? 12 October 2013

    Can we consider Samaikyandhra Movement cooled off with the strikes called off by Electricity, Teachers and RTC employees? We can’t but we can say that the State Government achieved in bringing Seemandhra back to normal activity to the extent of...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra Movement, RTC strike called off, APNGOs President Ashok Babu, Teachers strike called off

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    problem, tip of the day, get over problems, Cool

    Get over problems 08 January 2014

    The easiest way to get over a problem is to stop giving it undue attention. Avoid thinking and talking about the problem all the time. Doing this will make the problem seem larger than it actually is. Remember, your mind...

    Keywords: mouth, mind affects, Get over problems, Avoid thinking

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    Naa Nuvve, Kalyanram, kalyanram s naa nuvve theatrical trailer is here, Cool

    Kalyanram’s Naa Nuvve Theatrical Trailer Is Here 16 May 2018

    Kalyanram’s Naa Nuvve Theatrical Trailer Is Here:- Nandamuri Kalyanram is back with his next film Naa Nuvve which is said to be a romantic entertainer. After a series of debacles, the actor wanted to test his luck with Naa Nuvve...

    Keywords: Tamannaah, Sharreth, Naa Nuvve latest, Jayendra

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    Radio in coffee cups, Radio in cell phones, hot and cool radio receivers, Cool

    Hot and Cool Radio Receivers 18 November 2013

    Radio receivers made with cool drink tins and coffee cups are attracting Hyderabadis. The radio receivers in those odd shapes are also fitted with earphones and an USB for the comfort of hearing and charging. The new radios are attracting...

    Keywords: Radio in cell phones, Radio in coffee cups, Radio in coffee cups, Radio in Cool Drink tins

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    easy chocolate drinks, milk shake preparation method, preparation of chocolate malt milkshake, Cool

    Preparation of Chocolate Malt Milkshake 24 August 2015

    Most of us love chocolate flavour. Chocolate malt milk shake is one of the delicious drinks prepared by using simple and easily available ingredients like milk, chocolate ice cream and cookies. Prepare this drink at your home and enjoy its...

    Keywords: milk shake preparation method, how to prepare chocolate malt milkshake, method of preparation of chocolate malt milk shake, preparation of chocolate malt milk shake

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    Chris Gayle sixes, Chris Gayle IPL fine, chris gayle loses cool after dismissal on 99 fined high, Cool

    Chris Gayle loses cool after dismissal on 99: Fined High 31 October 2020

    Chris Gayle loses cool after dismissal on 99: Fined High:- West Indies hitter Chris Gayle is one of the key players for Kings XI Punjab in IPL. Chris Gayle registered a new record of hitting 1000 sixes and he is...

    Keywords: Chris Gayle latest news, IPL 2020, Chris Gayle records, Chris Gayle last match

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    Ramayya Vasthavayya release, Ramayya Vasthavayya shooting, brother required to cool down jr ntr, Cool

    Brother required to cool down Jr NTR 28 August 2013

    The curious case of Jr NTR's hadal is creating quite a bit of gossip lately. Jr NTR is known to become completely involved in a film's shooting once the action begins. His energy has also been praised by confident fighter...

    Keywords: Rabhasa, Rabhasa, Ramayya Vasthavayya shooting, Ramayya Vasthavayya

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    Cricket news, Cricket news, wt20 dhoni lost his cool first time, Cool

    WT20: Dhoni lost his cool first time 25 March 2016

    Dhoni, who is generally considered as the coolest cricketer, shocked everyone, last night, by loosing his cool in front of the media. This shocking incident took place in a press conference, held after India’s victory against Bangladesh in WT20. One...

    Keywords: Cricket news, WT20, WT20, WT20 Dhoni

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