Samaikyandhra Cooled Off?

October 12, 2013 10:28
Samaikyandhra Cooled Off?

Can we consider Samaikyandhra Movement cooled off with the strikes called off by Electricity, Teachers and RTC employees?

We can’t but we can say that the State Government achieved in bringing Seemandhra back to normal activity to the extent of movement because of revival of transportation and power which were major hurdles in the normal life during the strike period.

But another hurdle is still unsolved that comes from the strike of APNGOs who are still not willing to call off even after a series of discussions with the Chief Minister because of which the Government activity came to standstill.

Only because of the APNGOs, whole movement of Samaikyandhra is strengthened and all unions and associations were integrated to make it a first ever non political stir that gave shock waves in the State and Central Government and the political leaders and Ministers were off balance and forced even the ruling party leaders to talk in favor of the movement and against the decision of the Central Government.  

All credit goes to Ashok Babu the President of APNGOs.  He extensively toured and discussed with many associations in the Seemandhra region and kept the movement warm.  He says that the strike of APNGOs will go on till a clear commitment is given by the Government.  

The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy gave assurance from his side that the State will not be divided as long as he continues to be the Chief Minister.  He also said confidently that the proposal of formation of Telangana will definitely come to the Assembly and at that time it will be rejected here.  He also appealed that because of the festival season and because of the cyclone that is at the threshold of the State to devastate, the strike may be called off for the sake of the people for whom the strike is going on.  

This idea was bought by the Teachers, Electricity and RTC employees JAC and unions but not APNGOs.  Ashok Babu says that the CM’s assurance is not enough.  A firm commitment is need from the Center leaders.  Ashok Babu did not say that but when the continuation of the Chief Minister itself is doubtful because of the opposition he has from within the party, opposition parties and also Center, how much water a promise can hold that the State will not be bifurcated as long as he is Chief Minister?

Ashok Babu apparently knows that the same intensity in the movement cannot be expected once it cools off.  That must be the reason why he is firm on insisting that the strike will be continued although the APNGOs are worst hit because of the prolonged strike that has thrown them into financial constraints to enjoy Dussehra one of the major festivals of Telugu people.  

Ashok Babu also said that everyone has cheated Seemandhra people.  The resignations dramas are still going on.  He also said that all the MLAs should attend Assembly on the day the Telangana proposal comes to the Assembly (if it comes).  He said that the elected representatives who will be absent on that day to vote against Telangana will be treated as Samaikya traitors.


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